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Infinity USB Foot Pedal IN-USB-2 and Insight Caliber Headset Kit

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Infinity USB Foot Pedal IN-USB-2 and Insight Caliber Headset Kit

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IN-USB-2 Foot Pedal with Caliber Transcription Headset

Infinity VideoThe Infinity IN-USB-2 transcription foot pedal was recently reengineered for the highest level of performance and comfort. The IN-USB2 is a usb foot pedal designed to be a pc transcription or dictation foot pedal compatible with most common digital transcription software applications that exist in the marketplace today. The INUSB2 can even help you create dictation audio files handfree! The IN-USB-2 USB foot pedal uses a USB interface to connect to your Windows or Macintosh computer. Just like the previous generation IN-USB-1 USB foot pedal, the IN-USB-2 is one of the most popular USB foot pedals in the industry.

The ergonomic design of the IN-USB-2 provides fantastic comfort great for all day use. Weighting in at 2.3 lbs, the Infinity IN-USB-2 digital foot pedal is just heavy enough to keep it in place while in use and the anti-slip backing helps ensure it stays right where you want it.

Is the IN-USB-2 compatible with my software?

The Infinity IN-USB-2 foot pedal is the most compatible and universal usb foot pedal on the planet and works with dozens and dozens of different transcription softwares. GearPlayer, CyberPlayer and Fusion Player are just a few softwares that are designed and optimized for this impressive, soft touch foot control. (See compatible software list below.)

The IN-USB-2 foot pedal was built with quality first...

This USB foot pedal offers sturdy and durable construction and ultra-heavy-duty micro switches to ensure countless hours of trouble free performance. The internal components of IN-USB-2 have been well tested and are likely to outlast the competition.

IN-USB-2 has a low profile personality!

The re-sculpted contour of the new Infinity IN-USB-2 offers a lower profile between the floor and the pedal. This design also gives you a wider flare at the base of the foot pedal, giving you greater flexibility in foot size and movement.

Handsfree Transcription or Dictation

The 3-function IN-USB-2 (version 14) is great for transcription with your favorite software, but also for handsfree dictation. Perfect for any professional needing to dictate handsfree, simply hook your IN-USB-2 to your PC, configure your compatible dictation software and off you go! This usb foot switch is ideal in all professional environments!

Fully Gear™ compatible

The IN-USB-2 foot pedal is fully compatible with GearPlayer Transcription Software and GearDictate PC Dictation Software.

The Infinity IN-USB-2 is 100% compatible with its predecessor the IN-USB-1.

The Next-Generation Transcription Headset is Here.

Ultra-durable nylon cord. 10% lighter design. More comfortable than ever.

GearPlayer4 The Caliber transcription headset by Insight Headsets has been totally redesigned for better comfort and enhanced sound quality. This ultra-lightweight headset is 10% lighter than the previous generation and boasts better than ever sound quality.

Premium features include:

  • 5' snag free cord with braided nylon cord jacket
  • In-line volume control with stereo / mono switch
  • 3.5 mm stereo plug compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and others
  • 5' cord extender with braided nylon cord jacket and adhesive base
  • 10% lighter than previous generation
  • Designed to reduce bass and enhance sound quality

Works Great With Cassette or PC Transcription.

Whether you transcribe with a cassette machine or use PC transcription, the Caliber transcription headset with its stereo/mono switch makes transcribing a breeze. When using the PC, simply select "Stereo" on the in-line switch. When it is time to transcribe for that one client you have left using tapes, simply move the switch over to "Mono" and enjoy the same enhanced sound quality you've come to expect - all without buying a separate headset.

Weighs in at Less Than 1 Ounce.

While it's hard to believe, the new Caliber headset is 10% lighter than the previous generation. It is made with a unique nylon cord and high quality plastics and still offers in-line volume control and a stereo/mono switch.

Transcription Headset or Home Theatre?

While the Caliber may not reproduce sound quite like a home theatre system, it does offer substantially improved sound quality with all new speakers, improved wiring design and repositioned ear buds. With specialty-tuned speakers to help reduce bass, those deep voice dictators just got a little easier to hear.

Built For Long Lasting Durability.

Caliber is a professionals' headset designed to be worn all day long and offer a long lasting life. The ultra-durable nylon cord stands up to chairs rolling over it and drawers closing on it. The improved plastics and adhesives stand up to professional use day after day after day. Caliber includes a 90-day warranty handled directly through TranscriptionGear.

Stays Put and Reduces Static Electricity.

The included cord clip helps you position Caliber and the cord right where you want it. The nylon cord doesn't bunch up like rubber cords do and it doesn't grab onto your clothes, creating static electricity.

Better Than Ever 3.5 mm Plug.

The new Caliber has a better than ever 3.5 mm plug designed to fit tightly in the port of your PC or cassette transcriber to reduce static. Caliber is also fully compatible with portable devices like Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod and others. Blackberry's, HTC products and other brands are also fully supported by this new, better fitting 3.5 mm plug.

Compatible with:

  • GearPlayer by TranscriptionGear.Com - GearPlayer 4
  • Accuscribe
  • All N' One Digital Wav AudioScribe
  • Arrendale Transcribe+ by Arrendale Associates, Inc.
  • AudioWav Player by Dataworxs Systems
  • BayScribe
  • BCB/VoiceIQ - PlayALL XTRA
  • Blackberry AMR Recordings
  • ByteScribe
  • CourtSmart
  • Crescendo
  • CyberPlayer by Dolbey Systems, Inc.
  • DocQscribe
  • ECS PowerPlayer
  • EMDAT by InScribe Version 4.91 and later
  • Empiric Encompass.Net
  • Express Scribe
  • Fusion Voice by Dolbey Systems
  • FTR Gold by FortheRecord
  • FutureNet
  • HPI Sum
  • HTH
  • InqScribe by Inquirium, LLC
  • iPlayer by RTAS
  • Liberty Court Player
  • Medical Transcription Interactive
  • PowerPlayer
  • PowerScribe
  • Rapid Text
  • Start/Stop
  • Sten-Typist
  • TheRecord Player by ForTheRecord
  • Transcription Buddy
  • Turbo Dictation
  • Vianeta
  • VIQ Player by VIQ Solutions Inc.
  • VoiceIQ
  • Wav Pedal
  • WebCorrect
  • Webmedx
  • WinScribe
  • And More!
  • Infinity IN-USB-2 Foot Control
  • Caliber Transcription Headset
  • Note: Transcription or Dictation software not included.
  • Foot Pedal Connection Type: Male USB
  • Foot Pedal Cord Length: 10 feet
  • Foot Pedal Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Headset Connection: 3.5 mm stereo plug
  • Headset Cord: 5' with 5' cord extender
  • Headset compatible with PC and most cassette transcribers
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee through TranscriptionGear.Com
  • 90-day warranty handled directly by TranscriptionGear.Com
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