45% of physicians say EMRs make care worse

Post orginated from: https://www.healthcaredive.com/news/45-of-physicians-say-emrs-make-care-worse/232679/

Dive Brief:

  • A new study finds 45% of physicians believe EMRs are making patient care worse.
  • The research, according to marketing and research firm MPI Group and Medical Economics, concludes that Meaningful Use incentives aren’t enough to cover unexpected staffing expenses and lost physician productivity. In fact, 77% of the largest practices spent nearly $200,000 on their systems.
  • Findings also show that almost two-thirds of doctors would not purchase their current EMR system again because of poor functionality and high costs.

Dive Insight:

It looks like for too many doctors, their worst EMR fears have come true, proving to be expensive, a drain on staff and technically inadequate. And that is really bad news. After all, patients spend most of their time with doctors, not in a hospital with an IT staff on hand to address these issues. It’s even worse to hear that 45% of respondents to the study said that patient care is worse since implementing EMR. The health IT industry as a whole must do something to make doctors more comfortable with their EMRs.