Benefits of switching from Email to FTP delivery

Email file delivery can be stressful; the dictator needing to watch the dictation file size and the transcriptionist having to monitor their inbox.  Email can also pose a security risk when dealing with sensitive medical or legal information. FTP is capable of answering all three of these issues.  When delivering files to FTP, dictators no longer need to worry about dictating for too long in one file.  A file that is too large to send through email will just take a few moments longer to transfer through FTP as there is no limitation on file size.  FTP file delivery can also work in conjunction with your GearPlayer™ transcription software or multiple other transcription software suites to automatically download pending work.’s GearFTP™ service offers the options of connecting to the FTP site through an FTPS secure connection.  When utilized, this secure connection encrypts the communication between your computer and the FTP site.  This further protects your sensitive transcription information while protecting your user credentials as well.  Switch to GearFTP™ to enjoy the benefits of added security, freedom of dictation length, and file automation today!