Doctors Fear the Switch to Electronic Medical Records

With the onset of government funding possibly being stripped if you don’t switch to Electronic Medical Records by the end of 2014, many are worried. For some of us, it has been a long time since we used cassettes and a typewriter to make medical records, yet still to this day, some people stand by those methods.

There was an article today in The Washington Post covering exactly this problem. Many doctors and practices are fearful of the switch that is obvious and makes sense. So what are the benefits of switching over to a digital solution? Well there are numerous advantages to switching to an EMR/EHR. Some of the obvious and most notorious would be more accurate documentation, decreased turnaround time, an improvement in the quality of patient care and so much more.

Imagine having an entire medical record in front of your eyes with just a single click. Need a certain lab result or prescription history? Just click the relevant info and it’s brought before your eyes. With hand typed or written records, you could spend hours looking through all the data to find relevant information.

I would check out this article over at The Washington Post when you have time!