Eliminating Cassettes Moving to Digital Dictation: A Success Story

Phyllis Brown, a 14 year veteran in the medical and legal transcription industries, had encountered a problem. The standard sized cassettes and microcassettes she had be using for years were becoming harder to find and replacement machines and accessories were much more expensive. In addition, Phyllis was driving around picking up cassettes and dropping off transcription work which was hurting profitability and turnaround time. Phyllis decided it was time for a change and after talking with several companies, decided to give TranscriptionGear a call.


Phyllis expressed she wanted something to eliminate the need to drive around and get cassettes as well as improve her turnaround time, sound quality, and ultimately, profitability. The solution had to be easy to use, simple to implement and not disrupt her clients workflow.


Jennifer, our product specialist, recommended a Philips Digital Pocket Memo which mimics portable analog dictation except it is digital, along with GearPlayer, a PC-Based transcription software. After having all the information, Phyllis ultimately selected TranscriptionGear as her supplier as she told us, “customer service, knowledgeable and friendly representatives, online tutorials and technical support” were all important to her.


The new solution was certainly easy to use. Authors simply dock their portables and with the included software, files automatically transfer files to Phyllis. When GearPlayer fires up, work is downloaded and she is ready to begin transcribing.

In addition to eliminating the need for travel, Phyllis also said, “Less time is spent in trying to decipher poorly recorded or poor quality tapes which helps to reduce transcription errors and need for corrections and increases client satisfaction.”