First Hand Advice for New Students at Kaplan University: Online

By: Kayla Hintz

Lately I have seen many commercials for Kaplan University claiming that it is a University that is based on you and your interests and demands. It is true! I am currently enrolled here and I am in the AAS medical transcription program. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your experience at the on line division of this university.

Go to seminar: When you register for classes each semester they ask you what the best time would be for you! Pick a time where you can get on the computer for just an hour and stick with it. It is an easy grade and so much easier than the other option you have for seminar; which is usually writing a short essay. The semesters are only 10 weeks so you can choose a different time for your new seminars if your current time does not work out.

Make a schedule and stick with it: Since most people at this on line university are working parents or have a full time job it is so important to set aside time for school work. There will be a lot of time spent doing a lot of work on your own time. Since I am a stay at home mom for the time being I have it easy and I just do my assignments while my little one sleeps. For others you may have to stick homework in on your break at work or set aside study time right after dinner when everything is calm in the house. It is very important to set aside uninterrupted time every week for real success on line.

Use the writing center: So far in my experience I have done a lot of writing for assignments. The writing center is so important if you are struggling or if you just have a question. The paper review service is great because they review your paper and get it back to you fast so you have time to make corrections before it is due.

Use all the tools Kaplan gives you: There are so many things that Kaplan has to offer, take advantage of them! When you first start ask your academic advisor anything that you have concerns over and they will fix everything. They also have a great technical support team and a great on line library. I do most of my research here, and it is so easy to use, you can even check out books!

Make friends: Since online learning is all through on line communication it is hard to make friends like you could at a campus setting. Social networking sites are great so ask a classmate that you talk to in seminar what their URL is and look them up! This makes it easier to get through the classes and then you also have someone to go to that is doing the same assignments if you have a question.

In this modern technical age so many people are turning to on line schooling, especially those that are looking to further their education to move up in their current full time jobs. Kaplan is a great place to do this however, online schooling can sometimes be difficult but if you follow my advice you will be well on your way to success!