From Microcassettes to Digital Dictation: (Another) Success Story

Lowe-Greenwood-Zerbo Spinal Associates is a multi-speciality surgery group specializing in spine surgery. There are 4 physicians and 8 employees, including Linda DiDonato, the transcriptionist. Dictation hours vary from week to week depending on the volume of outpatient seen.


Linda and team were using old fashioned microcassette tapes but started having trouble finding replacement parts, accessories and machines. Additionally, the surgery group was prompted to change the system when they discovered that off site dictation would be happening more and more.

It was important to Linda and the entire team to find an affordable, easy-to-use digital dictation solution. After research, Linda came to TranscriptionGear looking for help after discovering “ was very easy to use in terms of researching products, doing price comparisons, etc.”


Linda made it clear she wanted an easy transition for everyone and the cost had to be reasonable. Linda spoke with Carlie Sizemore, a product specialist who recommended GearPlayer Transcription Software with Olympus DS-3500 digital voice recorders. This solution utilizes the internet and the company’s internal network for secure file transfer. This means when the doctor places the recorder in their docking stations, the files are immediately transferred and ready for transcription leading to shorter turnaround times.


After the new system was in place, Linda said, “The benefits of this system by far outweigh our old system. As a transcriptionist, it is nice not having to mess with machines and tapes, etc, when trying to type reports. Also, the fact that I have the capability of working from various locations is a major plus.”

Linda was also quoted saying, “Turnaround times are quicker when needed and the cost again was a major benefit. The investment into the new system has basically paid for itself already.”