How to find great Transcription Software

Are you looking for new transcription software? Here are some success tips to help save you some time while you are investigating what you want to purchase. You should always keep in mind that the equipment that you purchase will need to be compatible with the way you are receiving the files so that you can play back for transcription.

There are many different types of file formats these days. You have .dss, .ds2, .mp3, .wav, .wma etc., and all of these will require software to be able to transcribe if you want to use a foot pedal. There are a lot of misconceptions about using Windows Media Player and iTunes to playback the audio. Although those are great programs, they do not offer the ability to rewind, fast forward and utilize pitch corrected speed control and the most requested feature, the use of a foot pedal. The foot pedal is not supported from within Windows Media Player or iTunes which is why transcription software is prevalent in the transcription industry.

Tip 1: Always find out what type of files you are receiving so that you can make sure the software that you are using will be able to playback the format.

Tip 2: Because this is software, make sure that you find a company to purchase from that will back up their product with full support. This will avoid frustration in the long run when it comes to needing help with installation, configuration of the software and training.

Tip 3: Make sure you have gone over all the Hardware Requirements before purchasing. Software that may be compatible on a PC may not be compatible with Macintosh or vice versa.

Tip 4: See if the software that you are interested in offers any type of demo trial before you actually purchase so that you can make your decision based on use of the program and not what you have read about online. This will help you to make sure the software will work with the files you are receiving as well.

Tip 5: After you have decided what software you want to use for transcription, make sure you keep track of updates and upgrades that may be available for that software so that you are always up to date on the current release of the software.

If you can follow these suggestions, you will definitely find yourself using the best transcription that is available for you. The concern many have is if the files will play and if it the software supports a foot pedal. If you use these tips to shop for your next transcription software kit the end result is that of happiness because the software chosen will be everything you were looking for.