idigital™ Dictation – Having a backup plan

Turnaround time and the ability to avoid down time are essential in the transcription business.  Not only is dictating into the idigital dictation service from anywhere a convenient feature, but it is also a great way to know you have a built in backup plan for your dictation.  The structure of the idigital call in service features both a primary and a backup access phone number to limit any chances of you not being to dictate.  These phone numbers run off of two different phone providers, housed in two different datacenters in completely separate cities.  If there is an issue with one phone provider, the alternate phone number is unaffected and users can dial into that number instead, continuing to dictate without interruption.  The idigital call in service gives customers the peace of mind that even with a local telecom provider phone issue, it will not bring their business to a debilitating halt.