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Perfect for Incident and Accident Reporting

If you need to generate incident reports, there is nothing better or faster for it than the Atom Dictation Management System. With its advanced scripting capabilities, you can easily set up Atom so when you dial into the system, you are prompted by voice to help fill out your reports. Audio reports are easily shared with others locally or remotely and transcription is done in a snap with Atom Player, a fully featured transcription software.

Go ahead, give it a try:

  1. Dial (855) 480-0560 or (855) 332-5613
    After the welcome prompt, you will automatically be logged in to the system and the first prompt will play.
    Once the prompt completes, you will hear a beep to let you know you are ready to record.
  2. State the needed information followed by the pound key.

Please note this is to demonstrate Atom's advanced scripting feature. All audio captured via this demo system is automatically purged.

Dictation Management

By implementing our Atom or Atom Live dictation management platform, easily manage and automate your entire workflow securely and offer your clients many different options to dictate.

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Desktop Dictation

If you fancy dictating at your desk or workstation, then consider Philips SpeechExec Dictate or Olympus ODMS DM! It turns your PC into a dictation station and you can get it complete with a Philips SpeechMike dictation microphone or an Olympus Direct Mic.

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Telephone Dictation

Do you need to dictate from anywhere? Do you need a safe, reliable back up dictation method? See our full line of call-in dictation systems or check out our hosted dictation service, idigital.

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Speech Recognition

Easily increase transcription efficiency by using your voice! Dictate directly into documents, email, EMR and EHR systems and more. TranscriptionGear.Com has speech recognition solutions for all medical, legal and professional users.

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Transcription Solutions

If you have digital dictation that just needs to be typed, you simply need a way to play it back. Give your transcriptionist the professional tools he or she needs to turn talk into type. Solutions come to you by Philips, Olympus and our GearPlayer transcription programs.

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Mobile App Dictation

Dictate or record notes securely on the go with your iPhone or BlackBerry from anywhere in the world.

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