Make The Snow Go Away

I decided to join my friend Jay over at the AHDI Lounge and start this week on a very hopeful thought. I would like the snow to just go away! I live in Northeast Ohio so we have been experiencing some interesting weather over the past few weeks. Today was a fun drive into work on a pillow of 2 inches of snow! The storm hitting NE U.S. is turning out to be vicious! Pretty sure I have jump-started more cars this year than I have ever… But, looking forward to sunshine and blue skies!

So here is a snippet from his article, a link, and a video! Enjoy <3 BTW.. Vocals and Lyrics are done by my good friend Jay Vance himself! "Now for something on the lighter side and totally non-MT-related. Here's a little video tribute I've put together in honor of all the survivors of this wild and weird winter weather..." Make The Snow Go Away