Medical Transcription Industry Association to change name to Clinical Documentation Industry Association

Source: EMR Daily News.

Providing innovative solutions for EHR adoption that facilitate accurate and timely capture of health information continues to be a key message for the Medical Transcription Industry Association, whose members recently voted to change its name to Clinical Documentation Industry Association (CDIA) in an effort to reflect not only the expanded scope of services its members provide to the healthcare industry, but also a more appropriate focus on the health record and its critical role in clinical decision-making and continuity of care. CDIA (formerly MTIA) is the world’s largest association representing the needs of medical transcription and speech recognition companies, vendors, and health information management professionals since 1989.

“We are thrilled that our members recognized the need to rename the association at a time when it is critical that the organization truly reflect our marketplace realities,” CDIA Board Chair, Eileen Dwyer said. “Our new name acknowledges the expanded focus we will have on providing advocacy, education, and outreach on behalf of business owners dedicated to providing quality outsourced health information management services to the healthcare delivery system.”

Under its new name, the association will continue to promote the value of clinical narrative in capturing information-rich health stories that can be tagged and repurposed to meet criteria for use and distribution in the EHR. Over the remainder of 2010, the association will be transitioning to meet branding and administrative requirements that reflect the association’s new name and expanded presence in the healthcare marketplace.

SOURCE Medical Transcription Industry Association