New to digital dictation or looking for a new dictation solution?

Are you or your client new to digital dictation or looking for a new dictation solution? The first questions you need to ask your clients are how and when they want to be able to dictate. Do they want to be able to dictate from anywhere on the go? Then the Philips and Olympus handheld recording units are the solution for you. These give your client the freedom to use a reliable and powerful dictation recording device from anywhere.  

Do your clients want to be flexible about where they dictate but doesn’t want to carry a recorder? Are they an iPhone user?  The Philips Dictation Recorder app is also another excellent dictation choice for iPhone users giving them the flexibility to dictate from anywhere.  A second option they can utilize would be call in dictation.  This would allow for dictation from anywhere in the continental US with our call in system. Call in dictation is available in the form of our idigital service and available on our complete dictation systems known as ATOMand ATOM Live

Perhaps your users are content with staying at a computer to dictate in exchange for more dictation features.  When dictating directly into your computer with a microphone, things like hands free dictation for a lab or speech recognition become possibilities. Our GearDictate and Fusion Dictate programs are perfect for lab setups where you can’t touch anything with your hands; all dictation can be controlled through the use of a foot pedal.  

Once you know how and when your client wishes to record, then you can decide if utilizing speech recognition or a transcription player is right for you.  For non-speech recognition users, our GearPlayer and Fusion Player transcribers offer many essential features to your transcription process including foot pedal support, file playback speed control, and built in encryption features that can be utilized. For users wanting speech recognition, the Dragon speech recognition software is the answer for you.  With Dragon, you can watch your dictation get transcribed in front of you while you are speaking into the microphone directly on your computer, controlling your computer by voice.  The Philips and Olympus handheld recorders can also be utilized with Dragon to combine the convenience of dictating on the go with the improved efficiency of having Dragon transcribe your documents. Combine this with the Olympus or Philips transcription software for fully automating the process up to the point of reviewing the end document which can then be controlled with a foot pedal for playback and review. 

However and wherever your clients want to dictate, has the dictation solutions suited to your client’s needs.