Physicians’ Time is expensive, stop wasting it…

A little statistic that not many people pay attention to is how much time is spent doing each little task in a day. There is another way to look at that though, how much time is spent wasted doing each task every day? How about we take that little stat and watch for a whole week, now are we starting to see a larger number? Alright I know you need a bit more, go ahead and keep watching those seconds and minutes add-up for a whole month. Why not, just add it up to a year, in the grand scheme of things we count our financials on yearly basis right? And that brings me to my main point.

Time is Currency…

If we were to break down some numbers and look at how valuable a minute is for an average Family Doctor, you may be slightly shocked. Now we get this statistic by taking the average Family Doctors yearly income and hours worked in a typical week. After doing all that I also like to divide that hourly value by 60 and get a value per minute which is roughly an astounding $48 per minute! How about General Surgeons, thats a speciality right? How about a staggering $77 per minute, think about how costly that next snack break could be! One more for good luck? Alright, Orthopedic Surgeons are well-known for being very busy. Well wouldn’t you be as well if your value was a chart shattering $90 per minute? I know I would!

So if a Doctor was to look into his or her daily routine and look for areas they could improve efficiency, what do you think they would find as a great place to start? Eliminating any and all documenting into an EMR or EHR! On average doctors take three minutes to document into an EMR and this is while using a template. It’s easy to assume that without templates it will take even longer. At $77 per minute, documenting 30 patients in a day would come out to over $6,500! Now that is a very large expense, daily, for just about anyone out there. Documenting into an EMR or EHR has become a plague in the medical industry that is causing massive slowdowns in the Physician’s day. This leads to seeing less patients in a day and working longer hours or more days just to keep up.

How can they save time?

On average, doctors can dictate for those patients in only 45 seconds instead of typing for three minutes or longer. That means you could potentially save two minutes and 15 seconds per patient or more! Let’s do that math again, 30 patients in a day at only 45 seconds per patient. Again, $77 per minute, this time it only comes out to a mere $1,700 for documenting. This is why it’s imperative that doctors utilize their time as efficiently as possible. Every minute counts, and I hope my article helps draw some light to this. A lot of people ask me how doctors can start saving time right away?

Eliminate EMR/EHR documentation

Let the doctors dictate, but still utilize the power and governmental benefits of having and using an EMR. It’s actually called finding meaningful use of dictation with an EMR or EHR. So the next question is obviously, how can we dictate and not have to document into our EMR we own? Simple, it is called Atom! This solution is able to integrate with virtually any EMR or EHR that exists out there. This Dictation and Transcription solution allows doctors to dictate and transcriptionists to transcribe; simple right? Yes it is, and when the transcriptionists are all done typing reports, they automatically get transferred to the right medical patient record. Here, check out the below video for more information!


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