RJ Transcription: An Atom Live Success Story

Rebecca Jorde, of RJ Transcription, is a veteran in the medical transcription industry. She has been doing transcription work since 1993. Rebecca transcribes for 7 authors from 4 different facilities which made Atom Live for her, the perfect system since it can accommodate users from all over the United States.


When Rebecca came to TranscriptionGear, she was looking for a system that was easy to use, cost effective, and scalable.  In addition she needed a platform robust enough that could house all of her users regardless of their location. Rebecca also expressed the need for a closed system that would also keep her HIPAA and HITECH compliant, and most importantly, she needed something that would fit her budget.


Rebecca called in and spoke with one of our Product Specialists who in turn listened to her needs and recommend our hosted, centralized system, Atom Live. Atom Live is a dictation, transcription and document management system. With Atom 24/7/365 support, and with an uptime of 99.999%, Rebecca never has to worry about her clients not having access to the system.


Rebecca now gets dictation throughout the day, as it occurs, rather than a big batch of dictations at the end of the day or early morning. This spreads the work out which helps her manage her workload. Priority jobs are able to get attention first and overall TAT has been improved.  With full workflow support, reporting and central archiving of completed jobs, her business is perfectly streamlined.  From a bird’s eye view, she can see report creation time, priority status, along with the file length which enables her to keep a detailed log of jobs that need to be completed.

Atom Live is a hosted dictation management platform that is built on the Fusion Voice™ dictation platform. Atom, with its simple user interface and powerful workflow features, is one of the best hosted dictation systems in the industry. And unlike on-premise systems that require a large up-front investment and ongoing maintenance, Atom Live is scalable and billable per month. It’s hosted in multiple secure data centers around the country which ensures an optimal and stable uptime.