Secure Legal Transcription for Law Firms

Professional legal transcription services provide specially designed and secure legal transcription services for law firms, considerably reducing their administrative workload. The services provided are cost-effective and accurate and a number of clients in the legal and paralegal fields, including real estate, trials, criminal, personal injury, family, business, and patents stand to benefit from them.

Providing Error-free and Safe Legal Transcription Solutions

Legal transcription involves the conversion of voice recorded legal files into proper text formats. In order to provide error-free and safe transcription solutions for legal letters, law office recordings, judgments, court proceedings, seminars, general correspondence, pleadings, trials, brief statements and legal arguments, professional legal transcription companies maintain specially trained and experienced transcriptionists along with proofreaders, editors and quality analysts. The benefits of utilizing professional legal transcription services include:

  • Accuracy in transcripts
  • Quality assessment at all levels
  • Secure document flow management
  • Customized and short turnarounds
  • Full workflow modules
  • Digital dictation facility
  • Toll free number dictation capability
  • Browser based file transferring
  • FTP based secure file transferring
  • EMR systems
  • Secure transcription server interface
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Competitive pricing

Insuring Secure and Accurate Legal Transcripts

Legal data must be kept absolutely safe with any service providers in the field. To guarantee superb security, these transcription facilities should be integrated with various advanced and state-of-the-art transcription systems and software. Files usually are accepted in any format and the transcribed files are made available in MS Word/ WordPerfect or according to specific client requirements. Therefore outsourcing complex legal transcription tasks to a professional legal transcription company would be highly beneficial for those legal firms who are looking for secure and accurate legal transcripts.

Besides giving secure legal transcription services for law firms, these service providers offer comprehensive legal transcription solutions for attorneys, lawyers, federal agencies, state agencies, legal departments, non-governmental institutions, public prosecutors, banks and insurance companies.