Success Story: idigital Helps Lisa Fornataro triple her transcription business!


Lisa Fornataro’s transcription company, Transcription Rx, has been in business for over 25 years and had been utilizing a tape-based dictation and transcription solution. Wanting to graduate into the digital age, Lisa first attempted the switch by transitioning her company from tapes to a call-in system which resulted in multiple problems. She did not have control of the documents and the company did not provide the level of service that they promised. Her accounts also did not have access to their documents and could not print the final reports.

After these problems, Lisa searched for a reliable company that could offer digital dictation at a reasonable cost without her company having to host their own server. Lisa initially looked at idigital because there were no contracts; however, because of her recent negative experiences, she was skeptical. Lisa decided to drive from Rochester, New York to Cleveland, Ohio where TranscriptionGear.Com is located, to evaluate the company firsthand. Lisa told the TranscriptionGear.Com team that she just could not possibly go from one fire to another without seeing for herself that the company she had chosen would not leave her holding the same bag of problems as before. Lisa now says “It was truly a pleasure meeting everyone and they are everything they say that they are, even to this day.”
idigital was a perfect solution for Lisa and Transcription Rx. TranscriptionGear.Com provided her with her own toll-free numbers and dictation system in which authors call in, enter their unique user ID and begin dictating. For those doctors that were accustomed to using the ‘Dictaphone’ style of dictating, idigital even allowed them to choose the keypad emulation
they were most familiar with. The quality of dictations is “The BEST I have ever heard” says Lisa. Once the dictation is completed, the idigital system sends the dictation in a Truespeech WAV file format to their FTP site. Because the dictations are sent to an FTP site and each transcriptionist at Transcription Rx is assigned to specific dictators, Transcription Rx also chose to use GearXport. GearXport secures and automates the file transfer process by immediately routing files to the appropriate transcriptionist’s folder based on rules that Lisa was able to set up. Lisa also likes that this helps her adhere to HIPAA privacy laws by keeping these files secure during transfer.
The biggest benefit that Transcription Rx has seen using idigital is that in 5 years of utilizing idigital, they have tripled their business due to the ease of use, quality of dictation and top-level support. Throughout the course of the day Lisa is able to check the idigital website to see what has been dictated and then confirm that voice files are being sent. The idigital website is up to date within seconds of a dictation being completed. She says ”idigital is very reliable, the technical support is wonderful. The technical staff is available 24/7 and any after-hours problems have been responded to immediately. I am extremely satisfied. They are a great group of people to have behind you, especially with the type of turnaround that I have servicing 70 physicians.”
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