Tapes to Digital Dictation: A Success Story

Penny Azurdia, has been a sole proprietor in the medical transcription industry for the last 22 years. She had the desire to relocate but had a problem. Her seven clinics she transcribes for would be out of reach for her when driving around to pick up dictation tapes and drop of transcription work, as she’s done daily for a long time. She needed a better, faster and more

efficient way for her authors to dictate and for her to transcribe or she risked losing her clients.


Penny called TranscriptionGear and spoke with Elizabeth Taylor. When Elizabeth asked what was important to Penny, she stated “I need software that is 100% HIPAA compliant and one that works easily for my clients as they are going to have to learn a whole new system.” Penny also stressed that a technical support team was also important to help her or her clients should the need arise.

Picking up tapes everyday in the car and dropping off transcription is a very common way people work in the industry. However, the cost of gasoline, wear and tear on the vehicle, and the time it takes all reduce profitability. Elizabeth had just the right solution for Penny and her clients. Digital voice recorders would take the place of portable cassette recorders and a small piece of software called GearXport would automatically do all the file transferring, and the solution would be HIPAA compliant. GearXport uses GearFTP to automatically push and pull work as necessary. Penny would use GearPlayer, a PC based transcription software, to transcribe the audio and would utilize GearXport and GearFTP to return the documents encrypted, all utilizing the internet.


GearXport is an automatic file moving application that will monitor a remote FTP or local network location and move files around with 128-bit encryption for HIPAA compliance. Each location has a GearXport sending and receiving files for Penny, so she didn’t have to. Authors simply dock their portable recorder and GearXport does the rest. Transcription was made easy with GearPlayer, the premium PC based transcription software on the market with full foot pedal control.


Penny was thrilled with the solution as it let her continue to keep working for her clients long distance and she no longer had to drive around and pick up tapes. Penny was quoted saying “It has made me more efficient and much happier! I no longer have to spend time splicing old tapes back together when they break. If a client calls looking for a file or with a question, I am in front of my computer able to answer them instead of in my car picking up tapes and dropping off transcription.”