The Benefit of a USB Transcription Headset

Manufacturers use two different plugs on headsets when used with a PC. The first is the most common, a 3.5 millimeter or 1/8 inch stereo plug. This will plug directly into your speaker jack on your PC or into the headset jack on your speakers.

The second type is USB. The benefit of this connection type is that it has a sound card built directly into the headset which bypasses your on-board sound built into your computer. The results are crystal clear sound quality. This is especially useful on laptops or older computers because over time, sound cards become less effective and clear. Additionally, laptops often have lots of internal noise which the sound card can pick up; USB takes care of this.

Transcription headsets featuring a USB plug are available in the classic “U” shape, under the chin band or stethoscope style.