The Dictation and Transcription World is Changing

Never before has our industry seen so much change. With EMR/EHR’s, speech recognition and the all-new HIPAA/HITECH mandates, many are overwhelmed and think traditional dictation and transcription is gone for good. Relax. The truth of the matter is; doctors like EMR/EHR’s as much as MTs do. They don’t want to point and click, they want to dictate with the narrative intact.

What many don’t know is advanced dictation systems, like Atom or Atom Live, make it possible for doctors to dictate and workflow management keeps things moving along. EMR/HER interfaces or a custom HL-7 interface makes getting typed reports into your system a snap. Using these types of interfaces can entitle the clinic or facility to federal money for meeting “meaningful use” criteria. Atom, like other solutions, offers 512 bit encryption to surpass the HIPAA/HITECH mandates and it keeps the system closed and protected.

If your clients are telling you they are moving to an EMR, give a TranscriptionGear workflow expert a call. They can explain in great detail how Atom and Atom Live can save the day.