Top 10 Dumbest Laws in the World

Source: Technology Lists Daily

Laws are there to make peace and ensure no citizen or visitor is doing anything illegal. Once enforced, the laws are hardly changed. That means that many countries and/or states and provinces are stuck with inapplicable old laws that don’t make sense. Here is a list of the ten stupidest laws in the world.

10. California

In the state of California, it is against the law for a vehicle to exceed 60mph without a driver inside. The law was perhaps written many decades ago and is not applicable to anyone at this moment. However, once the Google driverless car becomes a reality it may come into good use. Until then, who will the state prosecute?

9. Greece

Greece has a ban on electronic games. The law was passed in September, 2002 and was only applicable to video games played in internet cafes. The reason was good: to prevent people from participating in illegal gambling. However in December 2003 the law was revised to include all electronic games. Lawmakers argued that it was too hard to tell the difference between illicit gambling games from other harmless games, such as online chess. So what are kids supposed to do in their spare time?

8. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has an awfully bizarre law that makes sense and doesn’t at the same time. I would assume that they’re trying to prevent people from using up unnecessary water. Anyhow, the law prohibits people from watering the lawn when it rains. What happens if you make a mistake? Jail Time? Ridiculous!

7. Singapore

In this city-state, businesses are prohibited from selling you chewing gum. You’re allowed to chew it, but you can’t sell it. So why not donate it, then?

6. Bangladesh

I see kids trying to cheat on tests and exams all of the time. In the western world, it results in a 0 or detention. Nothing too harsh! However, in Bangladesh students 15 and older can be jailed for such an offence. Government views this as a crime.

5. Hawaii

Lawmakers in Hawaii require you to have a boat. If you don’t, you could be fined for breaking the law. It seems too harsh of a law, especially for people who cannot afford one.

4. Russia

Despite Communism being dead and buried, Russia still tries to honour its former lefty leaders. Some areas of the country still have laws that require all boys to have the middle name Stalin. The man was ruthless and was responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

3. Israel

You’re prohibited to pick your nose on Sabbath in Israel. It exists because the lawmakers believe that the potential bleeding caused by the loss of nasal hair may result in the violation of the religious code of sanctity. Thereby, it is only applicable to citizens of the Jewish faith and the other citizens are exempt from it.

2. Saudi Arabia

Many things are not permitted for women in Saudi Arabia, a much conservative, authoritarian Middle Eastern country. What shocks me is the extent of the laws that abuse human rights. It is illegal for any woman to drive a car in the country. Apparently, this will change in 2015.

1. Vermont

Vermont is a great place to ski. I don’t know too many beaches in the area where you can whistle underwater. And if there are, why would anyone be so stupid to do it. In Vermont there is such a law that prohibits people from whistling underwater. Perhaps, lawmakers have talents for policing underwater there.