What is Transcription?

As industries grow and more jobs become readily available, the medical industry is one of the top fields for new career opportunities; medical transcription being a prime example.  “What exactly is medical transcription,” you ask?  To put it simply – transcription is a full scale business of converting someone’s speech into written documentation.  Some examples: a doctor speaking into his handheld voice recorder about his patients or a lawyer dictating into her computer’s microphone about a case she is working on.
These recorded audio files need to be in a written form for billing, records, etc. – that’s where the transcription field picks up the process and gets to work.  A lot of companies will send their audio to transcription companies and it is the company’s responsibility to distribute the workload between all employees.  Some companies even let their employees work from their homes making it convenient as a full time career or as a second, part time income.
So – does transcription sound like something you would be interested in doing?  Well, to get started, all you will need to begin work is a computer, a typing program (such as Microsoft Word), and a transcribing kit.  These transcribing kits usually contain everything you need : the software, a foot pedal, and a headset.  Once you receive audio, you simply load it into the transcription program and use your pedal to control the playback.  As you listen to the audio file you type into your typing program.  If you need to rewind or pause the audio – no problem!  The foot control will allow you to do so.  After the audio file is complete, you send the finished document back to the company.