Why GearTools – Security

The GearTools software suite offers several security features that help keep sensitive information protected.  The dictation audio files and the resulting transcribed documents can be transferred between GearPlayer™, GearDictate™, and GearXport™ using encryption.  Dictations can be encrypted before being sent out from GearDictate™ or GearXport™ and GearPlayer™ can play these encrypted files importing the proper encryption key.  In addition, the GearPlayer™ software can then encrypt your typed transcription documents and send them back to the dictator.  When GearDictate™ or GearXport™ receives these typed documents back, they can then remove the encryption so the document can be opened.  All GearTools products also offer the capability to transmit files to an FTP site with an FTPS connection.  By utilizing GearTools throughout your entire workflow, it gives you the ability to add security to your entire dictation and transcription process.