Healthcare Dictation Solutions


Digital Voice Recorders

Dictate on the go with a professional dictation device from Philips or Olympus. These industry-leading manufacturers build some of the best dictation recorders on the planet. Browse through our selection of digital voice recorders, you can get them all right here, with the industry's best toll-free technical support!

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Transcription Solutions

If you have digital voice files that need to be typed, we have the solution for you! Give your transcriptionist the professional tools he or she needs to turn voice into text. Solutions come to you from TranscriptionGear, Phillips and Olympus.

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Dictation Management

Send all of your dictations into one system where you can manage and route all of your work to transcription. HIPAA and HITECH Ready! Advanced reporting, flexible dictation methods and simple user interfaces make Atom one of the most desirable dictation systems on the market.

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Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition can help increase your productivity, improve documentation, and increase quality of patient care. Dictate directly into an EMR or any Windows-based application with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2!

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Desktop Dictation

Transform your PC into a digital dictation station complete with a hand-held microphone optimized for speech recognition. Whether you're looking for a Philips or Olympus solution, we have you covered!

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Telephone Dictation

Dictate anywhere you can access a phone. Whether you're interested in using call-in dictation when you are out of the office or as your primary way of dictating, we have the solution you're looking for.

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Handsfree Desktop Dictation

Ideal for Radiologists, Pathologists, and others who need to keep their hands free while dictating. These kits offer wide foot pedals, waterproof dictation solutions and more. To get great sound quality, easy to use software and a fully hands-free solution, look no further!

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Mobile App Dictation

Dictate from anywhere with SpeechExec Mobile! This mobile app turns your iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone into a professional dictation source. Send files to an email address or FTP to be transcribed when you are on the go!

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