Insurance Claims Agents

A Claims group typically spends 40-50% of their time on documentation. Your Adjusters need to record statements from witnesses, policy holders and injured parties all while on the road. Transcribing these statements and populating forms is a very tedious and time-consuming task. Proper documentation is essential to making key decisions and determines how fast they can handle claims. Let TranscriptionGear.Com help you streamline documentation by implementing one of our Gear speech solutions. Download our insurance claims flyer.

Empower your Claims Agents to meet Claims Quotas more easily!

Digital Voice Recorders

By utilizing a Philips or Olympus Professional digital voice recorder, you allow your agents to dictate on the go in real-time. This allows for the most accurate documentation and eliminates key information from being left off reports.

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Mobile Dictation Apps

Dictate in the field securely with your iPhone or BlackBerry. Send the dictation from wherever you are around the globe. Perfect for any person not wanting to carry around over one dictation device.

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Speech Recognition

By using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to help in your case documentation process you can easily eliminate repetitive tasks and allow your voice to do all the work for you. Have your field agents come in the office and complete their forms and reports in a fraction of the time.

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Dictation Management

Atom and Atom Live allow for true dictation management and will assist in work being completed on time. Your field agents can select whichever method of dictation fits their needs best and can feel secure in knowing their files will transfer automatically and transcribed accurately. Easily let other parties have listen access to claim reports, interviews and more whether in the office or remote.

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Transcription Solutions

If you need your digital audio files to be typed, allow your transcriptionist the ability to do so by offering Philips, Olympus or Gear as a professional transcription solution. These software options will provide them the ability to listen and control the audio file on their computer to type up a complete and accurate report.

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Meeting Recording

Do you need to record a meeting with multiple people or interviews, to have transcribed later? Our conference recorders help to capture the crystal clear audio needed for accurate transcription and report filing.

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Desktop Dictation

Come back in the office after being in the field all day and be able to turn on your computer to dictate your reports and forms with a wide variety of microphones and either our Philips or Olympus dictation software. We even have hands-free solutions.

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Telephone Dictation

Dictate anywhere you can access a phone. Whether you’re interested in using call-in dictation for only when you are out of the office or as your primary way of dictating, we have the solution you’re looking for.

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