Consumer Solutions

Digitally capture all your important thoughts, notes, lectures, events and more! With our wide variety of high-quality digital notetakers, we have a solution for every situation. For the serious users, professional grade dictation recorders are also available. With GearPlayer 4 now you can easily transcribe all your dictations. If manual transcription is not what you are looking for, check out today’s latest speech recognition software, Dragon Premium or Professional. If you need high-quality audio recordings, fear not, for today’s digital recorders can record in CD-Quality.

Digital Dictation

If you dictate hours every day, a professional digital recorder should be strongly considered. However, if you don’t and you don’t need the advanced features, then check out our entry-level digital voice recorders by Philips or Olympus.

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Personal Notetakers

Take to class to record that lecture for review or transcription. Record shopping lists and important events. We have just the right notetaker to record your thoughts, ideas, and notes.

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Transcription Solutions

After you record your lecture, thoughts, and notes or your first bestseller, you’ll need to transcribe it. Philips, Olympus and more offer great entry-level transcription solutions.

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Speech Recognition Solutions

Turn talk into type for easy document creation. Create email faster than ever with today’s speech recognition software.

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Mobile App Dictation

Dictation securely on the go with your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone.

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