Law Enforcement Recording Solutions

Documenting interrogations, interviews, notes, and traffic stops are all part of the job. We have the right digital solutions to help. Recording though isn’t enough. Protecting the recording against alterations and changes can make the difference between a guilty and not-guilty verdict.

Digital Voice Recorders

Philips and Olympus, the leading manufactures of digital voice recorders offer many models to fit your needs and your department’s budget. Let us help you be more productive and document more accurately.

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Desktop Dictation

Dictate back in the office from the comfort of your own desk! By using Philips SpeechExec Dictate or Olympus ODMS DM, easily talk in your own words, a complete and accurate digital voice file to be sent out for transcription by a simple click of a button.

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Speech Recognition

By implementing Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal or Professional into the law enforcement environment, the process of documenting detailed reports becomes one of the easiest job tasks of your daily routine. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is 99% accurate right out of the box and can integrate seamlessly with most RMS systems.

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Dictation Management

Send all of your dictations into one system where you can manage and route all of your work to transcription. Easily let the DA or other parties have listen access to interrogations, reports and more all from remote locations.

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Transcription Solutions

If you have digital dictation that just needs typed out, you simply need a way to play it back. Give your transcriptionist the professional tools he or she needs to transcribe efficiently. Solutions come to you by Olympus, Philips, and Gear.

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Interrogation & Interview Recording

Make sure you get every word of that interrogation or interview with these quality conference recorders.

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Mobile Dictation Apps

Dictate securely on the go with your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone. Send the dictation from wherever you are around the globe. If you have a critical report that needs typed up before you get back to the station or to get it quickly over to the courts, having this dictation app on your phone is ideal for completing that task.

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Small, lightweight, and easy to fit in a uniform pocket, note takers by Olympus and Philips are some of the best devices to use for capturing digital audio.

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Telephone Dictation

Dictate anywhere you can access a phone. Whether you’re interested in using call-in dictation for only when you are out of the office or as your primary way of dictating, we have the solution you’re looking for.

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