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Toll-free call in dictation, easy monthly billing and fantastic support make idigital an exceptional value. Toll-free dictation starts at just $66.00 per month.

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Toll-free Dictation as Low as $66.00 per month!

This year, over 72,000 authors will create millions of dictations on idigital, totaling more than 144,000 hours of audio.

idigital is a toll-free call in dictation system in which authors call our toll-free number from anywhere within the Continental US.

idigital allows your authors to enter their own unique user ID, report type, and/or report identifier. They then record their dictation; once the dictation is completed our system sends the dictation in a Truespeech WAV file format to you via email or FTP.

Is idigital reliable?

In a word…absolutely! idigital is housed in geographically diverse datacenters which isolates your environment from regional interruptions, such as natural disasters and power outages. All datacenters are manned 24/7/365 and feature multiple layers of security to prevent any unauthorized access. Each datacenter features N+1 for power, data, and cooling, which provides for the highest levels of availability. Fire suppression is handled by state of the art, pre-action dry pipe systems to protect our equipment and your data. idigital’s architecture consists of multiple virtualized server clusters which allow for quickest failover in the unlikely event of localized issues. Your data is kept safe on our industry leading Storage Area Network, which is replicated in near real time to our other data centers. This allows us to meet low recovery times in the event there is a regional outage.

10 Reasons to Try idigital

  1. No Worries! as our dedicated support team maintains idigital on a daily basis.
  2. Availability! Our idigital service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  3. Flexible and Affordable! You choose your monthly minute plan based on your needs – change your minute plan as your needs change.
  4. Get started quickly! The sign-up process takes minutes and your account will be up and ready for use within 24 hours or one business day.
  5. Try it first! Check out our web site today and you can sign up for a FREE five day trial of our idigital system.
  6. Ease of Use! Users dial the toll-free number, enter their unique user ID, record a dictation and we then forward it to your FTP site or email address.
  7. Accessibility! Users can access our toll-free number from anywhere within the continental United States.
  8. HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Encryption is optional to keep your files secure with email or FTP delivery.
  9. Management capability! Detailed activity reports are available with the online account manager including who has dictated, how many dictation minutes used, average dictation length and number of dictations per day.
  10. Free Technical Support! TranscriptionGear.Com is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of support possible. *You will receive free technical support during normal business hours.

idigital Pricing and Plans

Choose from two different service levels:

idigital is available in two service levels, Basic and Premium. The benefit of each is outlined below. Look them over, we’re sure you will find that one is a sure fit for your dictation recording needs.

idigital Basic Service

  • Pay by the minute of dictation.
  • Minute plans start at just $66 per month.
  • Month to month billing, each month you can change your minute plan or cancel.
  • Web-based account management is included to add users, resend dictations and view activity.

idigital Premium Service

  • All the features of basic service and more!
  • High volume minute plans with very low per minute rate fees.
  • Customized voice prompting greets your dictators as if they have called your dictation server.
  • Free encryption software is provided to deliver voice files easily.
  • Add unlimited dictation IDs and users at no cost.

Contact a Product Specialist for more information on the idigital Premium Service! (888) 834-2392.

Minute Plan Monthly Charge Cost Per Minute
300 $66.00 0.22
600 $120.00 0.20
1200 $204.00 0.17
2400 $384.00 0.16
3600 $540.00 0.15
4800 $672.00 0.14
6000 $780.00 0.13
9000 $1035.00 0.115
12000 (3) $1200.00 0.10


Is idigital available all the time?

The idigital service provides you with a 24 hour, seven days a week, 365 days a year access to advanced digital dictation technology with a toll-free 800 number within the continental United States.

How dependable is idigital?

Our digital dictation systems are the latest and best available in the industry. We maintain the ability to accept multiple and simultaneous connections. We record the dictations in a digital format that produces a clear, high quality dictation recording. As with all recording systems, though, the quality and sound levels are entirely dependent upon the recording device, in this case the telephone and the intervening telephone lines. An inferior telephone can have an adverse affect upon the quality of the recording so we recommend that your authors use modern, quality telephones to place their calls.

What is the PIN feature? How does it work?

The PIN number is a unique number assigned to your account. This PIN number is the same for each of your authors. When they dial in to the idigital system they will be prompted first for their ID number and then prompted to enter their PIN number. The PIN system is designed to ensure only your authors are dictating on your account. This has the added benefit of insuring only your authors dictations are routed to you and helps to protect the confidentiality of the report.

Since each account will have a unique PIN number, if your author mistakenly enters an incorrect ID the PIN assures that they can not dictate on a different account. Our system is configured to allow three attempts at entering the correct PIN number before disconnecting the author.

What if I have more than one idigital account? Will the PIN number be the same for all of my accounts?

PIN numbers are unique to each account. This means that if you wish to transfer an author from one account to another, the PIN number will change. The author’s ID will remain the same but because they are now in a new account, they will have a new PIN number.

idigital Call-In Dictation System Terms of Use

How does it work?

Your authors simply call the idigital toll-free number from anywhere within the continental U.S. and when prompted, enter their unique user ID number using a standard touch-tone telephone. You can optionally prompt the user for dictation identifiers such as Work Type and Subject identifiers which can be used for case number, patient number, or client number identification.

The Author then records their dictation, optionally listening to their recording if they choose, and then hanging up the phone when finished. The idigital system then sends these files in Truespeech WAV format to you to be transcribed. The files can be sent to an email address or an FTP site. The optional 128-bit HIPAA/HITECH Ready encryption feature with idigital is available both via FTP and email.

idigital is available in several different minute plans (see idigital Plans tab above), depending on your needs. If your monthly average dictation time increases or decrease, you can change your minute plan to meet your needs. There are no contracts involved and you many cancel your idigital account at any time. Our idigital Premium plans include features such as your own 800 number, a customizable greeting for your clients when they call the service and customized user IDs.

Once delivered, the files can be played back with our GearPlayer software or any wav player that is Truespeech compatible. Information such as author ID, author name, dictation date/time and the optional Work Type or Subject ID will appear in GearPlayer’s pop-out window. GearXport, our automatic file moving software will be used for decryption before playback.

Getting my files

There are three idigital dictation file delivery methods available. Email, FTP and GearFTP.

FTP to a New GearFTP Account

When the author completes a dictation on idigital, the file is compressed using Truespeech technology and sent by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to one of our Secure FTP servers. When you sign up for this option you will be guided through choosing the best GearFTP options for your needs. After selecting the GearFTP plan you will continue on through the sign up for your new idigital plan.

FTP to an Existing FTP Account

When the author completes a dictation on idigital, the file is compressed using Truespeech technology and sent by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to a specified folder on an existing FTP server account. If the FTP account has secure access then you may choose to have your files encrypted for extra security for sensitive files. You will need GearXport or GearPlayer to handle the decrypting for the files at their destination.


After the author has completed a dictation on idigital the file is compressed using Truespeech technology and sent to an Email address you provide.


Those considering the use of idigital for medical dictation have probably heard about HIPAA and the more recent HITECH Act. Protected Health Information (PHI), according to HITECH and HIPAA definitions, should be transferred and stored with encryption. Our entire process with idigital meets the HITECH and HIPAA standards including firewalls and encryption while we store the data as well as training and policies for the people who support you. We do this just in case the data we store qualifies as PHI.

We offer options which will encrypt the data we transmit to you via FTP/FTPS, email and direct to server connections. We also offer solutions to help you encrypt the data that you store or further transmit to your customers.


Our GearXport software is an automated file transfer and encryption utility offering users the ability to route files automatically by demographic information such as user id or location, but also provides the option of 128-bit encryption for those files containing PHI that need to meet mandatory security guidelines per HIPAA/HITECH. Available in a Personal edition that allows for up to five destinations, or a Professional edition which allows for up to 100 destinations, GearXport can also automate the task of deleting files containing PHI from your network or PC based on timeframe criteria that you set, automating what would otherwise be a time consuming manual task and also minimizing your breach risk.

Note: Decryption of files secured by GearXport requires the use of either a GearXport or GearPlayer installation. Other third party encryption or transcription programs will not be compatible.


Secure file transfer via GearFTP with FTPS transfer enabled will protect your sensitive files containing PHI while in transit. FTPS is an extension of the commonly used File Transfer Protocol (FTP) that adds support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocols mandated by HIPAA/HITECH. Offering a user-friendly interface and variety of storage plans, our FTP servers are located in a state-of-the-art data center ensuring maximum up time and the highest level of security for your files.

Note: Utilizing GearFTP with FTPS transfer enabled meets HIPAA/HITECH guidelines for files in motion; however, additional security via encryption software is highly recommended for your files containing PHI that are at rest and stored either on a network or a local PC.

GearXport and GearFTP

The ideal option for securing your files while in motion and at rest is a combination of GearXport and GearFTP with FTPS transfer enabled. Both your files and the actual transfer process itself are encrypted when these products are used in conjunction. Increase your productivity by automating your file uploads, downloads and transfers while adding the security necessary to meet current HIPAA/HITECH regulations.

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