Atom Live Hosted Digital Dictation System


Atom Live is a dedicated dictation management platform that is hosted for you and billed monthly. Stop dealing with the hassles of owning your own system and consider Atom Live today.

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Atom Live is the last dictation system you’ll ever need.

Atom Live is a hosted digital dictation management platform that lets you experience the benefits of a dictation management system without the support costs, high entry price and hassles associated with owning your own system. Atom Live gives you everything our popular Atom dictation system does, only better! With Atom Live, you are conveniently billed monthly only for the functionality and number of users you need. Additional licensing and functions can be added at any time at a very low per month rate. This flexible approach will help you grow your business without eating up precious capital.

So now you know what Atom Live is, but do you know what Atom is? Put simply, Atom™ is a software-based digital dictation solution that allows users to dictate in a variety of different ways using digital voice recorders, workstation software or telephones. The compressed and encrypted sound file is then automatically queued for transcription inside Atom. Any transcriptionist can then retrieve dictation by either calling in with a digital transcriber, or utilizing Atom Player, a software-based transcription system eliminating the need for a phone line.

Atom Live makes interfacing with EMR/EHR systems a snap. With both download and upload interfaces available, Atom Live allows physicians to continue to dictate the way they are used to, great for optimal patient care, but don’t have to waste time, effort and lose the narrative that often occurs with EMR systems. Atom routes the dictation through transcription first for typing and QA, then it pushes the transcribed document into the EMR. – Keep your transcription customers by bringing up EMR systems and make sure they know you don’t have to choose between the two workflows. Physicians can continue to make optimal use of their time, transcription can continue to maintain a high standard of documentation – all while utilizing the benefits inherent in an EMR/EHR system.

Dictation and Workflow Management

Atom gives you the ability to manage your users and dictations from one central location. It offers management reporting and allows you to customize the flow of incoming work to enhance efficiency and output. Atom also enables you to increase productivity and take on more business by automating the workflow and eliminating “busy work”.

Managers appreciate the intuitive software that defines how dictation tasks are assigned and in what order. Find, listen and report on every dictation from its creation to transcription.

Flexible and Affordable

With the unique concurrent licensing of Atom Live, all you do is install the dictation and transcription applications wherever you need them. License usage is based on the number of simultaneous users. Now you can deploy your new solution to extend its availability to everyone in your organization. Your dedicated Atom Live system sits safely at our secure data center.


Atom Live is licensed by using CAL’s, or Concurrent Access Licensing, and is modular in design. This means upgrading your Atom Live service with new features or adding additional software licenses is simple. Just call our toll-free number, place your order and within minutes your new licenses are ready to use. No waiting!

Technically Sound

Atom Live incorporates the latest in technology to provide you with a solution that will last long into the future. Atom uses an SQL database, is Windows compatible, and has low PC resource requirements, which means it is adaptable to all common network environments. If you wish, harness the Internet to connect your workings with simple point and click setup. Our built-in HIPAA supportive security features keep your data safe.

As an Atom Live customer, you will get all Atom software updates included for free with your service.


Atom Live connects all of your users together – from dictation through transcription. It knows when a new dictation is created and it knows when transcriptionists need more work.

Atom Live offers Route Groups, a series of simple statements you set up initially to tell Atom how to handle your work. Using the power of Route Groups, the Atom Live service can be configured to manage your workflow priorities without any manual intervention. Its simple to assign specific work types to a transcriptionist or group of transcriptionists. Atom simply follows the guidelines you establish for your work.

Security Settings

The system allows an Atom Live administrator to establish security settings enabling only authorized personnel access to certain documents and areas within the system.

Concurrent Licensing

It costs nothing to install Atom software on a PC. You only buy licenses for the number of simultaneous logins. This makes Atom Live easy and cost effective to deploy across your entire company.

Safe and Secure

Define who can use your Atom system and further define their rights in the system. Atom Live tracks everything that occurs in detailed activity audit logs. It uses 128-bit encryption too keep the data safe making it HIPAA supportive to anyone who needs to guard their information.

Open Architecture

Atom uses everyday PCs and the Internet or office networks to complete the dictation system. This makes the Atom Live client software easy to install, easy-to-use and easy-to-support.

Management and Reporting

Atom provides a quick and easy way to look-up work that has been completed or is awaiting transcription. A manager can manually override the automatic workflow while having access to statistical reports and summaries about dictation volumes, turn-around times and individual performance statistics.

Atom Live offers three primary ways to dictate – portable dictation utilizing a digital handheld recorder, workstation or pc-based dictation with a professional grade dictation microphone and call-in dictation. Authors can dictate in any of these ways or all of them in any combination.

“Walk and Talk Dictation”

Portable dictation is one of the most common ways to dictate today. Utilizing a Philips DPM Professional series III or IV handheld or Olympus professional recorder, a user can dictate wherever he or she goes. When ready, simply dock the handheld on any PC that has Atom Download installed, and Atom Download will take care of the rest by encrypting it for security and sending it to the Atom system either via LAN or the Internet. *Note: The maximum number of users that can simultaneously offload their handhelds is 16.

Dictation Workstation

The Atom Dictate software turns your PC into a professional, fully integrated dictation station. It features Automatic File Transfer and routing capabilities for audio, flexible concurrent licensing (up to 16 simultaneous users), security configuration, flow auditing and encryption features as well as support for barcoding. Unlimited Audio Templates can be use for canned reports, normal’s, etc. Edit and review completed reports – QA has never been this easy! Listen or edit your dictations already on Atom Live. The Atom Dictate software is easy-to-used and was designed with the professional user in mind.

Call-In Dictation

Atom supports toll-free call-in dictation via a monthly minute plan. Simply select a minute plan for the amount of minutes you think you may need in the month. These minute plans start as low as 300 minutes per month for $66.00 per month but can be customized to accommodate any volume of usage. You’ll receive a toll-free number to provide your clients with. Users simply call the telephone number, enter in their author ID and start dictating. They have full dictation control such as rewind, fast–forward, insert, overwrite and more simply by using the keypad on any touch-tone phone. All of your call-in dictation will then direct to your Atom Live system.


Transcription on Atom is simple. A transcriber simply logs into Atom with the Atom Player software and retrieves work. The automatic workflow pushes audio out to the transcriber in the order you specify and it populates a worklist which is visible in Atom Player. If enabled, the transcriber can return jobs to the system they didn’t finish if needed and it is automatically reassigned based on your workflow.

Transcription Software

Atom Player turns your PC into a professional transcriber. With an available foot control and transcription headset, you are able to transcribe just like you would with any standard transcribe machine.

Features include:

  • Pull jobs from Atom based on demographics
  • Mark areas in dictation for further review with Bookmarking
  • Tone, Volume and Speed controls
  • 128-bit Encryption protects sensitive documents and files
  • Edit demographics relative to dictation
  • Optional headset and foot control available

The easy-to–use interface makes the transition to Atom Player quick and simple. Atom Player is licensed concurrently with a maximum number of 16 simultaneous connections.

Atom is sold as a on premise system or as a hosted service. Use the chart below to compare owning versus using the hosted platform, Atom Live Silver or Atom Live Gold.

Own it
Dictation Methods
Atom System – Built to order
Atom Live Silver
Atom Live Gold
Digital Voice Recorders
Dictation software
Dictation workstation
Transcription Methods
Transcription Software w/Foot Pedal support
Transcription Desktop Station
Centralized Management
Concurrent Licensing
Toll-free Technical Support
User Defined Fields
Unlimited Route Groups
10 max
Active Jobs
Report Summaries
Saved Report Forms
GearFTP Account
Scheduled Report Forms
TAT Criteria
QA Criteria
Software Upgrades
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee

= Included
☆ = Optional item
× = Not available at this time

Call-in or Direct-wire Transcription

Atom supports direct-wire transcribe stations with the use of a telephone line emulator. Also, this same station could be used to dial over a telephone line and retrieve dictations to transcribe as well.

*Note that using a physical station requires one telephone port to be licensed. Also the telephone port is in use the entire time the transcriber is using the system.

Toll-free Technical Support

Rest assured that if and when a problem arises with your Atom system, a knowledgeable and friendly technician is only a phone call away.

*Tech Support availability and/or cost is determined by Purchased Service Contract or in the case of Atom Live, hours of operation.

User Defined Fields

Create and utilize custom demographic fields that are relevant to your unique environment.

Unlimited Route Groups

Create automated job routing rules based on demographic information such as author, report type, file status, create day/time, or priority status, keeping your productivity at optimal levels.

Active Jobs

Determines the total job capacity of your Atom or Atom Live System. Standard accounts or installs offer a maximum of 5,000 active jobs but can be expanded to accommodate up to 10,000 active jobs. An active job is one that is still available within the Atom system, regardless of job status, until it is purged from the active cache.

Report Summaries

Display vital system statistics such as transcription effort ratios, TAT results and others in easy-to-read, informative pie charts.

Saved/Scheduled Reports

Make administrative monitoring of your authors and staff a piece of cake with custom, saved reports. Even schedule the reports to be run automatically at an interval of your choosing; daily, weekly, etc.

Gear FTP/Gear FTPS

Transfer exported jobs in full HIPAA/HITECH compliance with our encrypted file transfer service.

TAT Criteria

With guaranteed turnaround times being crucial both to timely patient documentation and to the day-to-day operations of a transcription service or busy office, TAT Criteria allows you to set the bar for your expected turnaround times by author, priority or other relevant demographic information.

QA Criteria

Documentation integrity is of the utmost importance for an accurate patient or case record. Ensure that finished jobs meet the necessary standards by setting QA criteria based on author, transcriptionist or other demographic data.

Software Upgrades

Ensure that your Atom system is compatible with and utilizing the most current technology and software available. Included with Atom Live and available at a substantial discount with a software assurance purchase.

Atom Live, Silver or Gold plans are billed monthly to the Visa, Mastercard or American Express of your choice. At the time of purchase, you will be billed for the $495 setup fee, plus your first month of the service. Additional software licenses for Atom Download, Atom Dictate or Atom Player will not be billed until you go live on your system. Also, any call-in plan you select, will also not be billed until after setup is complete.

Price per month
Atom Player (Transcription Software)
$15.95 per month (16 CAL Max)
Atom Dictation (PC Dictation Software)
$19.95 per month (16 CAL Max)
Atom Download (Offloading Voice Recorders)
$9.95 per month (16 CAL Max)

CAL’s or Concurrent Access License

All Atom software is licensed with CAL’s or Concurrent Access Licensing. This helps keep the cost down because you only need enough software licenses for the individuals who will be logged into the system at the same time.

Call-In Dictation

If toll-free call–in dictation is an option you’d like to utilize with Atom, you can purchase any of the below monthly minute plans. They work just like cell phone plans, except without a contract and can be canceled at any time.

Minute Plan
Minimum Monthly Charge
Minute Cost / Overage Cost

Is Atom offering you more than you need?

If you’re looking for a toll-free call-in system without advanced management functions, check out our idigital service.

Atom Live Training

Atom is a powerful and feature–rich product with numerous options that can be tailored to your unique workflow. To help get the most out of your new Atom System or service, we’re including a complementary hour of free web–based training. It is recommended however that Atom administrators receive five (5) hours of web–based training. If desired, web–training costs $120.00 per hour and can be purchased at any time by simply giving us a call.

Where do you start you ask?

Easy! Simply select the plan, Silver or Gold and add it to your cart from above. The cost includes your one-time setup fee of $495.00 and the first month of your service.

After you check out, you’ll receive two emails. One will be your order confirmation and will serve as a receipt. The second will include a link to a form. This form will help us collect additional information we’ll need to get you started.

If you aren’t sure exactly how to fill out the form, no worries. An Atom specialist will be a click or simple toll-free call away. They can answer any question you have. This form will ask you for information such as how many Atom Player’s do you want, Atom Dictate licenses, etc.

How long will it take to set up?

Once we have all the information we need, setup will take up to 5 business days, however, we’ll do our very best to make it much faster.

So, what if you change your mind?

No worries. With Atom Live, you have no contract or obligation. We’ll simply cancel your account when you ask us to.

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