3.5 mm Stereo Headset Cord Extender for PCs


Extend your headset cord up to 5′ with this stereo 3.5 mm headset cord extender. Also makes it much easier to change out headsets or speakers as it eliminates crawling behind your desk.

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Extend your headset cord up to 5 additional feet with HE-2

At last, a way to change stereo headsets without crawling around on the floor or climbing up on top of your desk to reach the back of your computer.

If you share a workstation with other transcriptionist or just want to unplug and store your headset when you are not using it, we have the answer. The HE-2 is a neat little box with a 5 foot cord that can be plugged into your computer’s sound card and then attached to your desktop with the adhesive pad on the bottom of the unit. When you want to remove your headset at the end of a shift or just to tuck it neatly away at the end of the day, unplug your headset from the Headset Extender. The HE-2 remains securely in place on your desktop. No more lost cords or searching behind your desk to plug in your headset. This is even better than a standard headset extension cord because it won’t slip out of your hand and fall behind your desk.

The HE-2 will work with any stereo headset and any pc sound card. You can even plug your external speakers into the HE-2.

Do you use a mono or cassette desktop transcriber rather than a PC based or stereo transcriber?

Check out our HE-1 Mono Headset Extender for your mono or cassette based transcription stations. The HE-1, will fit all audio ports with a 3.5 mm mono plug. This covers most cassette based stations and transcriber units in use today. Our headset cord extender by Insight Headsets features a 5 foot cord, stereo / mono switch and inline volume control.

  • 5 foot headset extender
  • Plug: 3.5 mm
  • Audio: Stereo
  • Cord length: 5 feet

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