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Caliber transcription headset by Insight Headsets features crystal clear audio and inline volume control with stereo/mono switch. Completely redesigned, it is ultra lightweight, less than one ounce and comes complete with a 5′ cord and 5′ cord extender.

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The Next-Generation Transcription Headset is Here.

Ultra-durable nylon cord. 10% lighter design. More comfortable than ever.

The Caliber transcription headset by Insight Headsets has been totally redesigned for better comfort and enhanced sound quality. This ultra-lightweight headset is 10% lighter than the previous generation and boasts better than ever sound quality.

Premium features include:

  • 5′ snag free cord with braided nylon cord jacket
  • In-line volume control with stereo / mono switch
  • 3.5 mm stereo plug compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and others
  • 5′ cord extender with braided nylon cord jacket and adhesive base
  • 10% lighter than previous generation
  • Designed to reduce bass and enhance sound quality

Works Great With Cassette or PC Transcription.

Whether you transcribe with a cassette machine or use PC transcription, the Caliber transcription headset with its stereo/mono switch makes transcribing a breeze. When using the PC, simply select “Stereo” on the in-line switch. When it is time to transcribe for that one client you have left using tapes, simply move the switch over to “Mono” and enjoy the same enhanced sound quality you’ve come to expect – all without buying a separate headset.

Weighs in at Less Than 1 Ounce.

While it’s hard to believe, the new Caliber headset is 10% lighter than the previous generation. It is made with a unique nylon cord and high quality plastics and still offers in-line volume control and a stereo/mono switch.

Transcription Headset or Home Theatre?

While the Caliber may not reproduce sound quite like a home theatre system, it does offer substantially improved sound quality with all new speakers, improved wiring design and repositioned ear buds. With specialty-tuned speakers to help reduce bass, those deep voice dictators just got a little easier to hear.

Built For Long Lasting Durability.

Caliber is a professionals’ headset designed to be worn all day long and offer a long lasting life. The ultra-durable nylon cord stands up to chairs rolling over it and drawers closing on it. The improved plastics and adhesives stand up to professional use day after day after day. Caliber includes a 90-day warranty handled directly through TranscriptionGear.

Stays Put and Reduces Static Electricity.

The included cord clip helps you position Caliber and the cord right where you want it. The nylon cord doesn’t bunch up like rubber cords do and it doesn’t grab onto your clothes, creating static electricity.

Better Than Ever 3.5 mm Plug.

The new Caliber has a better than ever 3.5 mm plug designed to fit tightly in the port of your PC or cassette transcriber to reduce static. Caliber is also fully compatible with portable devices like Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod and others. Blackberry’s, HTC products and other brands are also fully supported by this new, better fitting 3.5 mm plug.

  • Caliber Transcription Headset with 5′ cord
  • 5′ Cord extender
  • Soft travel bag
  • Cord clip
  • Warranty

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8 reviews for Caliber Transcription Headset by Insight Headsets

  1. Heather F.

    Great Headset but…

    I really like the Caliber headset. It’s very lightweight and comfortable. I love the fact that it has a braided nylon cord that helps to protect it from cracks and breaks. The only problem I’ve had with this headset is that the plastic bendable part on the neck of the plug tends to break, leaving the wires exposed and then inevitably a wire is severed and leaves me hearing out of only one side. I’ve purchase two of these headsets and this has happened to both. Unfortunately, this last set only lasted TWO months. 🙁 While I really like this headset, it needs a little revamping and reinforcing before I purchase yet another set.

    Update from TranscriptionGear: Our latest revision of Caliber uses better adhesives and materials for a durable, long lasting life. We back this up with a 90 day warranty against defects.

  2. James P.

    Excellent Headset!!!

    This is headset is excellent. It was great sound quality and clarity. I like the extension that comes with it, in case you have to plug into the back of computer tower and you need the extra length. Volume control on the headset is excellent. I really like the ease of switching back and forth between mono and stereo. All in all a great headset for the money.

  3. April

    Great Headset

    This headset was exactly what we needed. I am so thankful your company carries an extended cord headset.

  4. Pam R


    This very durable cord stands up to be run over my chair or grabbed by a naughty cat. The sound is very clear and would never not have an in-line sound control again.

  5. Nancy C.

    Good headset, always room for improvement!

    I had this headset for about 6 months. I chose it specifically because of the durable cord. The sound quality is good for both mono and stereo but I found the stethoscope-style headset superior for being able to make out speech in recordings with noise in the background.

    As I wrote, I purchased this specifically for the durable cord but discovered the point between the plug and the cord flexed and began to break. I had to tape it to keep it stable. If you buy this product, I recommend using electrical tape to reinforce this point before the wires take a beating.

    Would I buy this again? Yes, I would buy this one again for watching Internet content, but I would definitely reinforce the plug before use.

  6. Sondra P.

    Almost perfect

    I have ordered these headphones several times. Good reception, good tone, and very comfortable to wear. There is a weakness though; it is the nylon cord where it attaches to the sound control. I have had three headphones weaken in that area and eventually they have to be replaced. I even tried black-taping when new and it prolonged the life but eventually either one end leading into sound or the one coming out of the sound control goes. I treat them tenderly. Perhaps the manufacturer could extend the connection further down with more reinforcement on the nylon cord.

  7. Laura


    This is a very comfortable headset. Very good sound quality. Adjustable volume is a great feature. Nice long cord.

  8. Nancy

    Exceeds expectations

    This is my 3rd set. I transcribe at several locations so have a set at each one, plus a spare. This headset is very comfortable and lightweight. The sound is clear and crisp. This particular set comes with everything you need to get the best for the money. Being a transcriptionist for well over 20 years, I have worn many style headsets and nothing has even compared to these, not even the styles priced 4X over these. I highly recommend. Also, Transcription Gear is a great Company to work with. Delivery is prompt, prices are competitive, they have a great selection to choose from, and their Customer Service is top notch. I wouldn’t look anywhere else!

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