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M*Modal Fluency Direct for Practices™ is an advanced front-end speech recognition solution that allows clinicians to conversationally create, edit and sign clinical notes directly within EHR templates. Designed to meet the unique needs and budgets of small physician practices, this solution enables clinicians to quickly capture the subjective narrative necessary to adequately document care in the EHR — anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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Government initiatives related to improving healthcare quality while decreasing costs require physician practices to demonstrate EHR utilization for the incentives and penalties associated with Meaningful Use. But the struggles of clinicians with the EHR related to time, money, and quality of care are well documented. The right front-end speech recognition solution like Fluency Direct for Practices can bridge this chasm by helping clinicians accelerate adoption of their chosen EHR and save time, all without detracting from patient care.

Compare Fluency Direct for Practices to Dragon Medical Practice Edition - Which is right for you?M*Modal Fluency Direct for Practices™ is an advanced front-end speech recognition solution that allows clinicians to conversationally create, edit and sign clinical notes directly within EHR templates. Designed to meet the unique needs and budgets of small physician practices, Fluency Direct enables clinicians to quickly capture the subjective narrative necessary to adequately document care in the EHR – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The same top-ranking speech recognition chosen by leading hospitals and academic facilities is now available for use in small practices of any medical specialty. Doctors, nurses, physician assistants and other care providers can now capture the complete patient encounter without being restricted and slowed down by having to type into EHR fields. Physicians can efficiently and completely capture the uniqueness and complexity of each patient encounter in their own words, including impressions and conclusions.

Fluency Direct for Practices leverages proprietary Speech Understanding™, which is far more than just voice-to-text technology as it includes Natural Language Understanding technology for contextual understanding of the physician narrative to improve accuracy. Ideal for practices with 10 users or less, Fluency Direct is a high-accuracy, portable and secure speech solution that covers sub-specialty medical terminology and supports all regional accents.

To optimize user experience, everything you need to start dictating is conveniently included in the box: a microphone and easy access to the client to install. Easy, click-once installation from a web address and minimal software training requirements ensure that you are up and running in no time. Uniquely, auto-updates and upgrades ensure that you are always using the latest version of the M*Modal solution.

Increase Efficiency and Save Time

It is widely accepted that documenting patient care in the EHR tends to slow down physicians. By speech enabling their EHRs with Fluency Direct for Practices, clinicians can quickly and dramatically reduce the time they spend on documenting patient care.

  • Minimizes typing or clicking in EHR fields for tremendous improvements in efficiency
  • A single, cloud-hosted voice profile enables access from anywhere, anytime, and many devices
  • Customized macros can be used to enter often-dictated text for significant time saving
  • The use of voice commands to navigate the EHR and deploy macros promotes greater productivity
  • Speech recognition delivers immediate response time and documentation turnaround times are much better when compared to transcription
  • Software requires minimal training, enabling care givers to start dictating immediately
  • Superior speech recognition accuracy ensures fewer errors and reduces time spent on making corrections
  • Increases practice efficiency and overall patient volume by decreasing the time clinicians spend on documenting care

Reduce Costs and Increase Practice Profitability

Speech-enabled clinical documentation simultaneously increases physician productivity significantly and eliminates transcription costs to dramatically improve profitability.

  • Increases coding levels and effectiveness with more complete, accurate documentation
  • Eliminates the cost and delay of transcription
  • Faster documentation translates to faster bill submissions and better cash flows
  • Comprehensive patient records enable higher levels of reimbursement and reduced claims denials
  • Improved physician efficiency and productivity can increase practice volume

Improve Quality of Documentation and Patient Care

Fluency Direct for Practices enables the creation of higher-quality, more comprehensive clinical documentation. And more accurate and complete data is central to better patient care and successful coding and compliance. With Fluency Direct, you can now capture important sections of the patient record in your own words, including History of Present Illness, Physical Examination, Assessment and Plan, etc.

  • Superior speech recognition accuracy, driven by machine learning based on the collective voice profiles of over 200,000 clinicians, enables better documentation
  • Medical communication with referring physicians or specialists is significantly improved with detailed documentation
  • Accurate and complete patient information is immediately available in the EHR
  • More complete patient records and health assessments support better clinical decision making and patient outcomes
  • Enables doctors to spend more time with patients

Improve Physician Satisfaction

Fluency Direct allows users to speech-enable their EHR, which immediately minimizes physician frustration with cumbersome typing and/or clicking in the EHR. Speech recognition supports clinicians’ natural and preferred dictation workflows and provides faster document availability than transcription.

  • Enables physicians to easily and quickly capture subjective, descriptive text and makes documenting in an EHR painless and productive
  • Allows care givers to dictate from home, practice, hospital and multiple PCs
  • Adjusts on-the-fly to differences in cadence, accent, dialect and medical terminology
  • Documents can be edited through voice commands followed by finalization and electronic signature

Accelerate EHR Adoption and Be HIPAA Compliant

Given the incentives and penalties associated with Meaningful Use, demonstrable use of the EHR is a growing priority for small medical practices.

  • Fluency Direct improves Meaningful Use compliance by using speech to input patient data directly into the EHR, without compromising on physician efficiency or workflows
  • Comprehensive documentation that supports the care provided is necessary for audits under HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and other compliance initiatives
  • Creates more complete, accurate and secure documentation to mitigate risk and support an audit or compliance review


  • Provides highly-accurate Speech Understanding from day one
  • Is compatible with most EHRs
  • Allows clinicians to dictate from multiple exam rooms, office or home with a single, cloud-hosted voice profile
  • Includes advanced custom commands and voice navigation capabilities
  • Covers all medical specialties and terminology, and supports all regional accents
  • Provides easy, click-once installation and continual auto-updates


  • Increase EHR adoption as well as physician efficiency and satisfaction
  • Spend more time providing patient care and less time documenting it
  • Improve the quality and completeness of clinical documentation
  • Enhance patient care with faster medical communication and more complete patient information
  • Eliminate transcription costs and delays while minimizing compliance risks
  • Boost coding effectiveness and overall practice profitability

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