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The RS27H foot pedal by Olympus is the perfect replacement for your AS2400 or AS5000 software transcriber. Also works great for handsfree dictation with the Olympus DS5000 digital voice recorder.

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The RS27H foot pedal by Olympus is offered as a replacement foot pedal for the one supplied with the AS-2400 or AS-5000 kit. It’s also a great companion to the Olympus DS-5000 Digital Voice Recorder for controlling recording functions handsfree.

The RS27H foot control requires the Olympus transcription software, the offload software from Olympus hand helds is not compatible with foot controls.

*Note the RS27H does not come with DSS software. You must already have the Olympus DSS Player Pro software. If you need DSS software with foot pedal functionality, purchase the AS-2400 or AS-5000 kit. Both kits contain a version of the DSS software that has footswitch functionality, the RS-27H footswitch, and the E-102 headset. We recommend the AS-7000 kit for business transcription. The DSS Player Pro software included in the AS-7000 kit is geared for someone who needs to track the progress of multiple files or customers such as in an office situation. The software provided in the AS-2400 kit is geared for someone who usually transcribes for one person.

DSS Player for Mac supplied with digital voice recorders or with the AS-2400 & AS-5000 kits will support the RS27H footswitch.

  • Olympus RS27H Foot Pedal
  • Olympus USB Adapter

The Foot Switch Configuration Tool is used to customize the settings for the RS27H models. Any combination of keyboard commands can be assigned to each pedal, allowing the control of applications through hotkey shortcuts. You can also create setting templates for quick and easy configuration. There is a version for Windows and another for Mac users. You will receive an email after purchase that will contain the links for the Configuration Tool.

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