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The ergonomic LFH2210 foot control is fully compatible with Philips Transcription Kits, minicassette machines and the new digital voice recorders DPM8000 and DPM8500 for handsfree recording.

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The Philips LFH2210 is a revolutionary design in foot pedals. It was based off of 30 years of experience with foot pedals, customer requirements, and in close cooperation with hospital ergonomists’. This new design represents a milestone in ergonomics, reliability and working efficiency.

The LFH2210 by Philips is a great companion to DPM8000 or DPM8500 professional digital voice recorders. Plug the foot pedal into the back of the docking station, dock your recorder and use the foot pedal to control recording functions for a great handsfree recording solution.

The LFH2210 foot pedal provides full backwards compatibility for current analog installations using the LFH0210 (LFH0710, LFH0720T and LFH0730 machines). Digital installations utilizing the LFH0210/90 foot control with the USB adapter 6220 or the Serial adapter are also compatible. (Transcription Kits LFH6177, LFH6277, LFH7177, LFH7277).

Features include:

Anti-slip bottom elements keep the foot control in the right place

Equipped with anti-slip bottom elements, the foot pedal always stays in the right place.

Configurable pedal functions for tailoring the foot control to your personal preferences

The functions of the foot pedal can easily be adapted to one’s personal preferences, to further enhance ergonomics of the device (LFH2330).

Ergonomic design for professional use and outstanding comfort

The foot pedal was developed in cooperation with hospital ergonomists and professional end users to ensure a perfectly smooth transcription process with minimal physical strain.

Slim design for minimized physical strain due to less foot movement

Transcriptionists can stop and start dictations with only slight movements of the heel, and without lifting the foot unnecessarily, which both increases efficiency and makes the device a pleasure to work with.

Handsfree Dictation

Use the LFH2210 with your DPM8000 or DPM8500 for hands free control of the recorder. Its a perfect handsfree recording option.

Central configuration and management saves time and resources

The foot pedal is easy to deploy and configure using the Philips SpeechExec remote device management software. It allows administrators to centrally manage, update, and maintain the configuration and settings of Philips dictation devices, saving valuable time and resources.

  • Foot pedal
  • User manual

Compatible with:

  • Philips Minicassette LFH0720T
  • Philips Minicassette LFH0725T
  • Philips Minicassette LFH0730T
  • Philips Minicassette LFH0725D
  • Philips Minicassette LFH0730D
  • Philips Transcription Software LFH7177
  • Philips Transcription Software LFH7277
  • Philips Digital Pocket Memo DPM8000
  • Philips Digital Pocket Memo DPM8500


  • Product dimensions: 195 mm x 130 mm x 35 mm/7.7″ x 5.1″ x 1.4″
  • Weight: 660 g/23.3 oz

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