Philips Microphone with slide switch for LFH9750 Silver


Not a single word lost with the Philips handheld microphone. The Philips multifunctional handheld microphone with built-in speaker turns your Philips desktop transcription system into a dictation recorder.

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SKU: lfh0276-10 Categories: , , Brand: Due to Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for past operating systems, we can only offer technical support for products running on Windows 10 and newer.


The LFH0276-10 silver colored microphone is used with the Philips Digital Desktop LFH9750. It features a 3-position slide switch with FF, PLAY and RW and a button for RECORD. It features an ergonomic design, familiar, slide switch operation and built-in speaker.


High-quality microphone for superb recording quality

The high-quality microphone picks up every acoustic detail for perfect sound reproduction.

Integrated speaker ensuring crystal clear playback

The built-in front speaker guarantees crystal clear playback of your dictation files.

Adjustable microphone sensitivity for better sound quality

Recording sensitivity can be changed to avoid background noises and adjust to the recording environment.

A perfect companion for your desktop transcription machine

The Philips multifunctional handheld remote microphone with built-in loud speaker turns your transcription desktop into a dictation recorder.

Ergonomic slide switch for efficient one-thumb operation

Easy and quick file editing via convenient slide-switch operation. It offers a fast response and is designed for single-handed operation.

Durable materials enhance quality for extended use

Durable and premium quality materials make the handheld microphone suitable for extended use.

  • Philips LFH0276/10 Microphone

Due to Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for Windows 8.1 (1/10/2023), can no longer offer technical support for products on Windows 8.1 and older due to the lack of security updates.

  • Sensitivity: dictation mode: 4 mV/90 dB ± 2 dB, conference mode: 4 mV/76 dB ± 2
  • Speaker: 84 dB/100 mW/10 cm
  • Product dimensions: 162 mm x 40 mm x 27 mm/6.4 x 1.6 x 1.6″
  • Weight: 185 g/6.5 oz

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