10 Funny Tweets to Get Transcriptionists Through the Day

To get through the day and keep your sanity, it helps to find humor in life’s daily tasks. Twitter is a great website to express life’s struggles, make jokes, and find other like-minded people who can relate. With permission from the original “tweeter,” we collected some of the best tweets for transcriptionists so we can all share a laugh together. Scroll down and read the tweets that made us laugh, cry, and roll our eyes.

1. We know Mx. M.A. is not alone on this one. It’s the “transcriptionist reflex.”

2. For all the pun lovers. Talk “qwerty” to me.

3. First week on the job and they already get it. Bless their heart.

4. A transcriptionist that can’t read? Bold move. Let’s see how this plays out, folks.


5. When the audio takes over your inner monologue…

6. Rough day for MALEorgan.

7. Hey, it’s not all so bad!

8. Words are rarely “on the tip of your tongue” when you’re a transcriptionist.


9. Does your sentence look weird? Throw in a comma!

10. Why did this make us tear up a little? The emotional attachment to keyboards is real.


We hope our list made you laugh and feel understood. If you’ve composed or if you see a funny tweet about being a transcriptionist, please give us a tag on Twitter so we can share!