18 Reasons Why We Love GearPlayer 4

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love GearPlayer 4 and you will too! Okay, but seriously, our GearPlayer 4 Transcription software is one of the most universal and advanced transcribers in the industry. Playback is made easy with a foot pedal, on screen buttons, or hot keys on the keyboard. Any headset that plugs into your PC works with GearPlayer. However, we recommend our top-rated Caliber designed especially for transcriptionists. (If you’re feeling festive for Valentine’s Day we even have a pink Caliber!) Check out all the great features that will make you love GearPlayer too!

So, How Does It Work?

GearPlayer makes loading digital audio files simple. First, you use the built-in work list to get a view of all the jobs ready to be transcribed, or you can simply drag and drop audio files from any file or folder and drop it on top of GearPlayer. Next, GearPlayer will automatically load the file. When you’re done transcribing, simply save the text document on your PC and click “Mark Complete.” GearPlayer will then automatically load the next audio file. Gearplayer plays one of the widest selections of audio and video formats of any PC based transcriber.

Works With Email

GearPlayer works with your email service by having the digital audio files transferred to your PC by email. Using Drag-n-Drop you can move the digital audio file directly into GearPlayer and you are ready to transcribe. Files from most any digital source can be sent to you using the convenience of email.

Works With FTP

Transferring files with FTP is the easiest and most automated way of moving audio files and documents around the internet. The built-in file transfer daemon moves files automatically in the background anytime your GearPlayer is running. When new work arrives, GearPlayer notifies you with a small, slide up window and an optional audible sound.

GearPlayer Across a Network

GearPlayer works across your network to open and play digital audio files on any computer on your LAN or WAN. This includes dictations created on dedicated dictation computer files from a source like GearDictate, even files that have been recorded with most any portable digital recorder and uploaded to a computer on your network. IT gives you the power to turn your existing network into a complete dictation/ transcription solution.

18 Game-Changing Features We Love

1. Playback control
Offers full support for a USB or serial foot pedal, mouse control with on screen buttons or using special GearPlayer’s 24-customizable “hot keys.”

2. Pitch-Corrected Speech Control

Pitch corrected so the tone of the voice does not change when you adjust the speed.

3. Video Transcription

Load video into your work list as if it was audio and select it. Control the playback with your foot pedal or use the buttons on the gear player screen. A window will show up the below the main screen to show you the video.

4. Advanced Work List

GearPlayer’s advanced work list includes information such as current, transcribed and archived file list windows, new jobs and work in progress. Organize your work with single-click sorting. Add, remove or arrange columns to best suit your needs.

5. Automatic File Mover

Select dictation files from designated locations on your PC or FTP site across the internet and automatically move them to a file of your choice on your PC. GearPlayer will automatically move typed documents to a designated location on your PC or network for the work to be returned.

6. Work Group Mode

Work Group Mode lets users working out of the same directory of work see who is working on what and eliminate the chance of duplicate work. Only one user can load a job to be transcribed at a time. Having multiple transcribers working from a single pool of dictation is easier than ever.

7. Line Counting Utility

GearPlayer 4 now has a built-in line counting utility to make the task of billing easy. You set the amount of characters per line. Simply select “Line Count Utility” from the menu and choose the document you would like to count. GearPlayer returns the line count instantly.

8. Redesigned Interface

New options and setup tools are logically placed and easy to find. GearPlayer offers its standard window and a slim mode to reduce the amount of space used on the screen.

9. Foot Control Testing Utility

Not sure if your foot control has failed? Simply select the testing utility from the “Options” menu and try the foot control. If the foot control is not working property, GearPlayer will show the appropriate pedal light up and indicate if the pedal is working as it should.

10. Time Stamping

Time stamping allows you to simply use a “hot key” to copy the audio position in GearPlayer to your word document using Windows clip board. This helps reduce turn-around times by providing quick reference to areas that require additional attention.

11. Auto Software Updates

Auto updates keep your software running at its best. It downloads and updates the GearPlayer package with the latest software enhancements, bug fixes, and documentation updates.

12. Audio Feedback

When this fully configurable feature is enabled, you get audio feedback when rewinding and fast forwarding, like a cassette machine. Never guess where you are in a dictation again! Audio feedback helps you find those long pauses.

13. File Notification

A new slide-up window notifies you when new work has been added to your work list. Audio notifications tell you when new work arrives, have transcribed a file, removed a file, you have reached the end of a file, or the beginning of the file.

14. CD Playback

Are you receiving dictations or other sound files on CD? Do you need to transcribe them? Make transcribing CDs easy. GearPlayer 4 offers CD playback with full foot control support. Simply insert the CD and use GearPlayer to transcribe the audio, just like you would with any other audio file type.

15. Built-in File Converter

GearPlayer’s built-in file converter enables it to play the widest variety of file formats. If GearPlayer doesn’t know how to play a file, it will give you the option of trying to convert the file to something it can play.

16. Audio Notes

Many dictation voice recorders and our own GearDictate dictation application allow an author to insert audio notes in areas of dictation for special instructions. GearPlayer 4 automatically places the audio notes in the correct area of the audio file so you never miss a note.

17. Productivity Reports

GearPlayer 4 allows you to easily create helpful productivity reports at the end of your transcription session. It will show you the job name, audio length of each job, time in play, time in job, and the status of the job. There is also a summary at the bottom of the report with all the totals of time, jobs completed and more.

18. Customizable Hot Keys

Hot keys allow for quick and easy control of the audio file from the keyboard. You can use the preset configuration or completely customize the Hot Key combinations

Interested in learning more? Check out GearPlayer at our website or call us at 888-834-2392 to learn more!