Is Speech Recognition Software Really Worth The Investment?

Speech Recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been on the market for some time now and has received a varied response from user’s across a variety of vertical markets such as in the Legal and Medical industries. The public has always had an interest in and a fascination with software that can turn your voice into text, but beyond that novelty, can the software really improve a busy professional’s productivity or provide a significant cost savings and return on investment?  Well, if you answer yes to either of the following questions, then you may be surprised to find that the software can not only do both, but pays for itself in a much quicker timeframe that you might think!

Do you spend any amount of your business day typing?  Whether it’s sending emails, drafting business correspondence, typing into a customer relations management software, or even an Electronic Medical Record program, your productivity is still limited by how fast you can type.  The average individual types around 40 words per minute and even expert typists top out at around 120 words per minute.  What if I told you that speech recognition software could allow you to produce text at 160 words per minute, with no special skill required other than your plain old, every day speaking voice?  What would it mean to your workday if you could be two, three or even four times more productive?  What could you do with an extra hour or two, each and every day?

Do you dictate as part of your daily routine whether you are in the legal, medical, law enforcement or other professional industry? Is your dictation then converted into typed text by a third party, whether it’s an assistant or transcriptionist? Operating costs are a concern for any business or company with a tight budget and the time and money spent documenting vital information, whether it’s a legal brief, a patient’s history and physical or a criminal report, impact operational expenses.  What if the amount of time spent on this process could be significantly reduced?  What if the costs associated with this documentation process could be reduced by as much as 30%?     What would that mean to your office’s bottom line every year?  Using speech recognition to automatically create documentation that requires little if any proofing or editing, frees up valuable time for staff as well as provides a substantial cost savings.

The possible productivity gains mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the latest versions of speech recognition software can do for the busy professional.  With a variety of editions available with feature sets suited to professional industries such as Legal and Medical, it is well worth a company’s time and money to research how speech recognition could dramatically improve the way they do business.