23 Reasons Why Transcriptionists Love their Job

Rough weeks at work are inevitable. Tight deadlines, difficult audio files, and unreasonable clients can put a real damper on your mood. Sometimes you might even question why you chose to get into transcription in the first place. Well, we’re here to remind you why you should love your job, even when it’s hard. Just because it is a bad day, doesn’t mean it’s a bad life.

If you need that extra pick me up, check out the 23 reasons why transcriptionists say they love their career.

  1. “The ‘commute’ to the office.”
  2. “No office drama!”
  3. “The challenges of finding an unknown word, making sense out of messy dictation.”
  4. “Working in my sweatpants!”
  5. “I can have my cats on my desk if I want.”
  6. “Working at home helped me raise a family.”
  7. “Working by my window looking into my backyard at my birdfeeder.”
  8. “I’m able to take time for lunch with a friend!”
  9. “I can take care of household chores while I’m working.”
  10. “Being able to take work or turn it down if I need to.”
  11. “Flexibility with scheduling!”
  12. “Having my own business.”
  13. “Traveling the country with my ‘office.’”
  14. “I can work and take full-time college classes.”
  15. “Working with a chronic condition gives the flexibility to work when feeling good and take needed breaks.”
  16. “Every day is different. Every report is a story. The job isn’t boring!”
  17. “Always learning new words and technology.”
  18. “The magic of converting speed mumbles into legible text.”
  19. “I feel that I am a part of something very important and much bigger than myself and it’s kind of cool that my name is forever attached to someone’s very important health document which I helped create.”
  20. “I can stay at home with my young children!”
  21. “I can work whenever I want and not worry about driving in poor weather conditions.”
  22. “No traffic”
  23. “My son’s eagerness to know about what I am transcribing and then teaching him too!”

Agree with any of these reasons? Is one of your favorite parts of the job left off this list? Comment below!