3 New Olympus Directrec Advanced Dictation Microphones

Olympus has been innovating cutting-edge digital audio recorders for more than 40 years. Now the second generation Directrec series, an enhanced line of three Directrec dictation devices, is available at TranscriptionGear.Com. The new DR-1200DR-2200 and DR-2300 offer the perfect combination of great audio reproduction, programmability and ease-of-use in a professional recorder. The new Directrec series significantly improves ergonomics to enhance operability and microphone performance while expanding Olympus’ “simple, reliable, flexible and secure” design concept, by combining it with “integration” – boosting productivity to new levels.

“Directrec recorders enable increased productivity in a professional environment,” said Amy Leslie, senior product manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “With the improvements made on the Olympus DR-1200, DR-2200 and DR-2300, professional offices such as hospitals, medical practices, radiology labs and law firms will be able to streamline their workflow for maximum efficiency.”

The Directrec second generation evolves into a total system solution for IT administrators and systems integrators. Dictating is easy thanks to the strategically placed slide switch on the DR-2200 and DR-2300, and the push button on the DR-1200. A durable trackball offers even more intuitive, one-handed operation. The new low-noise directional microphone reduces extraneous sounds and unwanted background noise for high-quality sound recording. The new Directrec recorders are also the perfect devices to directly record onto your personal computer.

Power in the Palm of Your Hand
The Olympus DR-1200, DR-2200 and DR-2300 Directrec recorders combine style and technology to help boost your efficiency. The ergonomic design ensures superior operability, sitting comfortably in your hand with its smooth edges. The intuitively placed main push button or slider switches enable one-handed access to the most commonly used functions. A triple-color LED screen shows the current recording status and a new trackball allows users to navigate freely on the PC or Mac without having to utilize the computer’s mouse. This ensures hassle-free, desk-based dictation – for hours on end. The low-noise directional microphone guarantees ultra-clear dictation recordings. Easily listen to recordings without the need for specialty drivers and thanks to the powerful, built-in speaker for high-quality, acoustic playback. To provide the most secure and efficient dictation workflow, the DR-2300 offers an optional bar code module which enables automatic allocation of voice files to client, case, or patient records.

Systems Integration and Customization 
The Olympus Directrec recorders are designed for easy integration in any work environment, including a doctor’s office, lawyer’s practice, insurance agency, government office or law enforcement services. Device Configuration Manager Software enables customization of the five designated programmable buttons to suit any recording condition or environment. The remaining buttons, including volume controls, can also be fully customized to meet your needs. Furthermore, an improved Software Development Kit (SDK) makes productivity-boosting customizations possible.