Desk Reference Book, Quick & Easy Medical Terminology, 5th Edition

The title says it all. With this superb fifth edition of Peggy Leonard’s popular resource, you can quickly and easily learn to recognize, interpret, pronounce and use thousands of medical terms correctly.

The first five chapters explain how medical terms are created by combining prefixes, suffixes and combining forms. They also introduce you to terminology related to diagnosis and treatment and the organization of the body. After completing the first five orientation chapters, read and study the body system chapters in any order you want.

Understanding medical terminology is necessary for reading or writing health care reports. Mock-ups of medical reports and accompanying questions at the end of the chapters will help you apply your knowledge to job-like situations in the real world.

With the audio CDs and the practice CD included with the book, you can read, write and speak medical terms quickly. You interact with the content on every page by filling in the programmed sections and checking answers immediately. Also, the book allows you to familiarize yourself with the most common Spanish terminology you are likely to encounter in a medical setting. it has never been easier to learn medical terms!

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