Aluminum Hinged Stethoscope Style Headset with USB Plug

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This USB Aluminum stethoscope headset is perfect for use with the PC. Its 10 foot cord and in line volume control make this a popular choice among transcriptionists.

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USB Style Aluminum Stethoscope Headset with 10′ cord

The AL-60USB is our premium Aluminum Stethoscope style headset configured for use on your PC through a USB port. It features the clean, crisp sound you demand. With its twin tube design the sound is projected directly into your ear canal. Together with the inline volume control you get the highest quality sound reproduction possible.

  • AL-60USB Premium Aluminium Stethoscope Style Headset
  • USB connection
  • Inline volume control
  • 10 foot cord

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6 reviews for Aluminum Hinged Stethoscope Style Headset with USB Plug

  1. Janice N.

    Great Headset

    I’ve tried several headsets that people told me had good sound and were comfortable. I found on-the-ear and ear bud types very uncomfortable. I bought this pair and instead of shoving them into my ear canals, I just let them hang in my ears. Very comfortable all day long and great sound. You can also replace just the cord if it ever goes bad, but I’ve had this pair about 6 months without a problem.

    I highly recommend them.

  2. Karen L.


    These are GREAT! I’ve hesitated getting this style because I didn’t want to sacrifice sound quality. I can say WOW these are really great! I love that they’re so lightweight – very good quality and easy on my ears!

  3. Chris E.

    Workhorse, indestructable

    The secretaries love these headsets for the sound quality and comfort. I love them because they are the most indestructible headsets I’ve ever purchased.

  4. Lori F.

    Not for me

    These headphones are really light-weight, well-made, and have a great sound quality. However, I found that I prefer earbuds to this style. Just a personal preference. I do have to say that the design of these headphones is great in the fact that you only have to replace the cord and not the whole set should something happen to them. (like the cat eating through the wire!)

  5. Amy H.

    This amplifier is wonderful.

    I also am a medical transcriptionist who works from home and I read the review for the Boostaroo from Barb. I wondered if it could really help me with the dictation I get from one particular Dr. who manages to whisper and mumble at the same time. I used to have to have the volume turned all the way up and keep replaying it, like Barb said. Now the volume setting is rarely anywhere near the halfway mark and I can hear fine. I also ordered the ULT-200B-RA twin speaker headset and this combination has really cut my transcription time for this Dr. Thank you so much!

  6. Terri N.

    My go-to headphones

    I love the aluminum version of these stethoscope headphones. I’ve tried several other types over the years and always come back to these. The extra volume control on the cord is a great help. I haven’t had any trouble plugging/unplugging the headset to use my computer speakers when needed.

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