LRX-45USB Telephone Handset Record & Playback Adapter for PC or Mac w/4 Foot Cable


The perfect phone conversation logging system.

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USB Telephone Recording Adapter LRX-45USB

The LRX-45 USB Telephone Recording Adapter is the latest update of the LRX-40. It makes fthe perfect device if you need a secure, voice recording device to instantly connect to your PC or MAC computer.

To get started you simply connect LRX–45USB between your phone handset and your digital or analog phone, then link the adapter to your computer’s USB port. The LED indicator on the device lets you know that it is correctly installed. When you turn on your computer it will automatically install the drivers.


  • Designed for PC or Mac
  • Digital Quality Audio
  • Record level adjustment dial that adjusts the audio level of the calling party
  • Handset compatibility selector switch that matches multiple handset wiring configurations
  • Multi-color LED Mode Indicator
  • Included 4′ USB A-B cable
  • LRX–45USB Telephone Record Adapter
  • USB A-B Cable
  • USB cord length: 4 feet

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