Olympus Accessories for DS9000, DS9500 and DS2600


Get all of the accessories you need for the DS9000, DS9500 and DS2600 digital voice recorders!

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Get all of the accessories you need!

Olympus CR-21 Cradle

This docking station for the DS-9500, DS-9000 is the professional add-on, which allows you to transfer your dictations via USB or LAN (only supported by DS-9500). Connected with an Olympus AC-Adapter it charges your DS-9500 in half the time than via USB connection (USB: ca. 4 hours). It also provides a connector to your Olympus footswitch to remote control the recorder for hands-free dictation or transcription.

Olympus F-5AC AC Adapter

This Olympus AC adapter allows charging for professional dictation devices and the PC does not need to be turned on for charging.

Olympus KP-30 microUSB Cable

microUSB for the DS9000, DS9500 and DS2600.

  • Olympus CR-21 Cradle
  • Olympus F-5AC AC Adapter
  • Olympus KP-30 microUSB Cable

Compatible with:

  • Olympus DS9000
  • Olympus DS9500
  • Olympus DS2600

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