Olympus DM-720 Digital Voice Recorder


The top of the class DM-720 includes high quality recording features packed into an efficient, smart metal body. It is equipped with an easy-to-use interface, extended editing operations and various playback functions. The DM-720 provides outstanding practicality and reliability to support your recording needs.

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Superb, Stereo-Quality Recording

The DM-720 features a three microphone system that includes both directional and omni-directional microphones to accurately capture the depth and fullness of the sounds recorded. The stereo microphones are arranged at a 90° angle to produce a natural stereo experience, with an added central microphone to compensate for low-range sounds. This Tresmic combination provides a wide frequency range for the most demanding professionals.

DM-720 Hears Every Voice

The Voice Playback function allows you to skip non-voice audio during playback, and only play the parts of the file where there is vocal content. Olympus’ Voice Playback saves time and improves efficiency during transcription.

Intelligent Recording

With previous recorder models, it was necessary to adjust the microphone sensitivity according to the recording environment, such as the number of people or the size of the meeting space. The new Intelligent Auto Mode function of the DM-720 makes it easier for users by automatically adjusting the microphone sensitivity according to the volume of the speaker. To set this function, select Auto for the recording level from the menu.

Capture Every Word

Transcription mode is convenient when creating minutes from your recordings. While transcribing, users frequently repeat play, and stop to check the content. In Transcription Mode, the recorder will automatically playback the 3 seconds before the stop, so you can check the contents before proceeding. On the other hand, fast forward is preset to 3.5x so you can conveniently skip the silences in your recording.

Connect. Share. Save.

The DM-720 can connect directly to your PC via the built-in USB connector. This makes it possible to save data anytime, anywhere. Not only can you save and share data, but the DM-720 can also be charged via USB. All operations of recording, saving, sharing, and charging can be performed on this single, smart and easy-to-use voice recorder.

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