Tie Clip Microphone TCM-100


This battery-powered unit is designed for use with non-powered (tape recorder etc.) jacks and features a 6-foot connector cord with a 3.5 mm plug.

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TCM-100 Battery Powered Tie Clip Microphone

TCM-100 battery powered microphone is designed for use with devices that have non-powered jacks (tape recorder etc.) and features a 6-foot connector cord with a 3.5 mm plug.

When worn as a tie clasp, clipped to a jacket lapel, shirt or blouse, or hidden from view for investigative surveillance, these versatile miniature microphones let you record one-on-one conversations without the distraction of a larger visible microphone. Your discussions can be conducted in a more relaxed and less intimidating manner. Our multi-functional TCM miniature microphones can go wherever you go giving you the flexibility for a variety of recording capabilities.

  • TCM-100 Tie Clip Microphone

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