Reference Book: Microsoft Word for Healthcare Documentation

The publisher of Stedman’s brings you a new book, Microsoft Word for Healthcare Documentation, A Guide for Transcriptionists, Editors, and Health Information Professionals.

Written by an experienced medical transcriptionist, Microsoft Word for Healthcare Documentation is written specifically to help medical transcriptionists, editors, students and other healthcare professionals maximize their use of Word. Whether you are new to Word or have years of experience, you are sure to learn tips and tracks for working smarter, not harder. Instructions emphasize efficiency and accuracy using shortcuts, shortcut keys, and keyboarding techniques. From creating macros to minimizing keystrokes and customizing Word, you’ll learn all the best techniques for fast, error-free healthcare document preparation.

This Fourth Edition includes Microsoft Word versions 2003 and 3007 as well as file management tips and a pictorial guide of Window XP and Windows Vista. Chapter objectives, keywords, critical thinking questions, and quizzes help you access your progress. Sample reports, projects, and macros help you put your new skills immediately into practice.

Special features of this title include:

    Objectives – Guide your studies by outlining what you’ll know upon successful completion of each chapter.
    Clearly Marked Sections for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Word 2003 and Word 2007 direct you to information specific to your operating system and version of Word.
    Screen Shots clearly show what you’ll see on your computer screen as you perform individual tasks.
    “How I do It” Boxes, based on the author’s first-hand experience, demonstrate how to apply concepts and techniques to your daily work.
    “Put It Together” Boxes describe how various concepts discussed throughout the text work together.
    “Do It Quicker” Boxes offer valuable timesavers, including shortcut keys and tips for maximizing efficiency.
    “Caution” Boxers alert you to common pitfalls and explain how to avoid them.
    Critical Thinking Questions challenge you to apply what you’ve learned to solve problems that often arise when you transcribe healthcare documents.

Bonus Electronic Resources!

This text’s bonus CD-Rom and online Student Resource Center located on thePoint build your skills and knowledge with a question bank, sample reports, macros, formatting exercises, and more. Instructor Resources include a test bank, images, and PowerPoint slides for each chapter.

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