The Joint Warming Ankle Support

Workplace health is not something to take for granted but it can be easy to ignore until you find yourself in a spot where some good prevention would have went a long way.

I’ve been trying out the Joint Warming Ankle Support and I’m won over. For anyone that uses a foot pedal all day and walks away with a sore ankle, this ankle support maybe just what the doctor ordered.

  • Four-way stretch for light compression to reduce swelling
  • Promotes healing by increasing circulation around the tender joint
  • Improves ankle mobility
  • Can be used with heat patches for extra heat therapy

Being a person that likes to keep things simple, the first thing that had to be inspected were the “wearing” and “care for” instructions.

Wearing Instructions:
Slide foot into support and pull up with pocket centered over heel.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash in mild water with gentle soap. Air dry. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Ensure complete dry before reapplying.

I can do that! Put your foot into the support until it stops and keep away from bleach and the machines in my laundry room.

There have been times in the past where an ankle brace for one reason or another, my own personal attention initially was focused on how the Joint Warming Ankle Support felt – one of the main features is the Four-way stretch – this was big for me. It is a comfortable support.

Now, where things really shine and the true “meat and potatoes” is the warming aspect. It does hold in the natural heat your body produces and warms the area. This was enjoyable enough to consider wearing one on each foot, recreationally. The extra warming comes from the unique ceramic fibers.

The Joint Warming Ankle Support comes highly recommended to anyone that has arthritis and/or overused joints.

Plus it’s latex-free which is great for those with sensitive skin.

You can view or order the product here.