The Ultimate Transcriptionist Christmas List: 10 Gifts You Need This Year

By Rachel Tirabassi

“I don’t know what to get you!”

“You are so hard to shop for!”

“What do you want for Christmas?”

Sound familiar? If so, we have created the perfect response for you: A Christmas list designed just for transcriptionists! Whether it’s new office decor, transcription equipment, or an adorable necklace, you’re bound to find something you “need” on this list! Merry Christmas and happy shopping to your friends and family!

Jewelry Designed for Transcriptionists

1. Medical Transcriptionist Necklace on Etsy, $20.69

Okay, so this necklace is only for medical transcriptionists but we couldn’t NOT include it! It’s cute, fun and simple enough to go with anything. If you aren’t super into jewelry you can also get the same design as a keyring.  Represent your career in a fun way with this one of a kind necklace!

2. Typewriter Charm Bangle on Etsy, $15.30

Here’s a cute piece of jewelry that ALL transcripitionists can appreciate! A silver bangle with a vintage typewriter and initial charm. This is especially meaningful because it can be customized with a loved one’s initial. If you’re a big fan of Alex and Ani this is the perfect gift for you!

Transcriptionist Tools

3. Caliber Transcription Headset by Insight Headsets from, $24.99

Christmas: the perfect time to get things you don’t want to buy yourself! Need a new mop? Ask for it for Christmas. Need a new phone case? Ask for it for Christmas. Need a new transcripitionist headset? Ask for it for Christmas! We get it, buying a headset isn’t the most fun purchase. But it is necessary if you spend long hours listening to audio. The Caliber is only sold at and it is our most popular pair! One of our reviewers says, “I have been a transcriptionist for 20+ years, I have worn many style headsets, and nothing has even compared to these. Not even the styles priced 4X over these. I highly recommend.” So if you’re looking for an excuse to get a new headset, the time is now!

4.  IN-USB-2 USB Foot Pedal by Infinity from$49.95

Another gift that you don’t want to buy for yourself! The Infinity foot pedal is definitely the most beloved pedal among transcriptionists. Read any review and you’ll see how happy purchasers are with this product. A lot of transcripitionists we speak with reveal they don’t use a pedal. This is hard to believe because a high-quality foot pedal has a lot benefits! If you want to learn more about foot pedals, read about it on our blog!

Transcriptionist Must Haves

5. GSeat by Gelco from, $49.00


Sitting in a chair all day is not comfortable. Unfortunately, as a transcriptionist, there is no way to avoid it. Lessen the daily aches and pains with the GSeat! The best part about this pad is that it’s not limited to your office chair. Sit comfortably in the car, on a plane, and at a stadium! One of our reviewers with tailbone pain could not be happier with the purchase. She wrote, “I have had this cushion for a few weeks and I LOVE IT! My tailbone does not hurt anymore and my legs are not going numb as much. I have had foam cushions that go flat and are useless, but the gel cushion keeps its shape. I highly recommend this cushion.”  The GSeat is something little that can make your day better!


6. Smart Glove with Thumb Support from,  $19.95

The Smart Glove was designed specifically for keyboard, laptop and mouse use. It’s great for supporting thumb injuries and preventing carpal tunnel syndrome which can be a common problem for transcripitionists. An orthopedic and hand surgeon designed this glove and tested it on hundreds of his patients, so you know it’s good!

7. Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Mouse Tray on Amazon, $161.99

The Coytech has a lot of great features: 5.9 inches of height adjustment, a left/right-hand mouse tray, and wrist rest. It’s a little pricier but you get what you pay for. It is rated five stars for a reason and has several comments about how easy the installation is. The Coytech is perfect for improving posture and preventing back pain.

Home Office Decor

8. “I’m a Transcriptionist” Mug on Amazon, $14.95

What’s better than coffee and a pun? …Not much. Drink your favorite hot drink in style!

7. The URPOWER Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser on Amazon, $16.99

The benefits of essential oils go on and on. For example, lavender can help relieve stress, treat depression, reduce inflammation and act as a natural decongestant. Work can be stressful AND it’s flu season! It almost sounds too good to be true but once you use one of these you’ll become a believer.

8. CYBERNOVA Desk Organizer on Amazon, $18.99

It doesn’t take much for your desk to get cluttered. Especially if you work from home and have an entire home full of stuff. Getting a desk organizer can help unclutter your life so you can focus on the important stuff– work.

9. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer on Amazon, $9.99

 While you’re typing, you tend to tune out the world and that cup of coffee you poured an hour ago is now an iced coffee. Not ideal in the winter. Stop wasting K-cups or brewing another pot! This Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is just $9.99 and keeps your drink hot until the last drop! This will be your new favorite gadget.

10. Circadian Optics Lampu Light Therapy Lamp$64.99

When you work from home you might spend the entire day at your desk with the blinds closed. In the winter, it gets dark by 5 pm and you might go days before you actually see the sun. It is depressing! Boost your energy, improve your mood, and help your concentration with Bright Light Therapy. Reviews claim that sitting by this lamp for 30 minutes helped improve sleep schedules and energy throughout the entire day. Check it out if you have a case of the seasonal blues!