TranscriptionGear Integrates Mobile Dictation Software for iPhone, iPad, & BlackBerry

TranscriptionGear has integrated the Philips SpeechExec Mobile software for iPhone, iPad, iPad2, and BlackBerry smartphones with our dictation workflow solutions. This provides a wireless dictation tool that securely sends dictation over a network or Internet connection.

TranscriptionGear’s dictation workflow solutions include Atom Dictation for workgroups such as law firms, health clinics and physician offices; the idigital ASP dictation capture solution; and the industry’s most successful transcribe software, GearPlayer.

The SpeechExec Mobile apps capture high quality voice recordings on the supported mobile devices with intuitive and innovative user controls. Input for dictation identifiers such as date, time, subject and author is supported. Once dictations are complete, the software transmits the recordings securely through the device’s network connection to TranscriptionGear’s Mobile Cloud Server.

The Philips SpeechExec Mobile software for iPhone, iPad, iPad2, and Blackberry are provided with TranscriptionGear’s Mobile Cloud services for a low-cost annual licensing fee.

“Philips Speech Processing has been a great partner of TranscriptionGear’s for many years and we are excited to team up with them in offering this new and exciting product and platform,” states Kris Wilson, President of TranscriptionGear, Inc. “We support a great many Philips products on our software including SpeechMikes for dictation and speech recognition, digital voice recorders, transcription headsets and foot pedals. The iPhone and BlackBerry applications are a great addition for both our healthcare and legal customers alike.”

To learn more about the Philips SpeechExec Mobile software go to the TranscriptionGear.Com web site. Find out how this new technology can help your business to become more efficient and profitable.